Stress: You can control it!

Stress, we all suffer from it sometimes. It is part of life and can never be completely eradicated. But what to do if the situation gets so bad that you develop complaints? You can master stress. This article describes some practical tips that may help you.

Master work stress

Are you stressed, perhaps due to circumstances at work? If you don’t talk about it, it will probably only get worse. Researchers in the field of workplace stress recommend talking to your employer, because if he doesn’t know there is a problem, he can’t help you. That doesn’t mean you should give vent to your anger and frustration. Be businesslike and avoid a hostile attitude. Perhaps you can convince your employer that less work stress will mean more productivity. The same can be said about other problems at work, such as tensions and conflicts with colleagues. Look for constructive ways to address those issues, perhaps doing some research if necessary. If you find yourself in an unsolvable situation, it may be better to consider changing jobs. Stress is detrimental to your life.


The family circle should be a place that is free from stress, but usually that is where people experience the most stress. Couples who are having trouble or are enemies with each other cite lack of communication as the most common cause of disagreement, according to the book Survival Strategies for Couples . This realization can keep you from bringing up a sensitive topic when your partner is tired or stressed. Isn’t it better to wait for the right moment so that your partner will be more likely to listen? If you have had a tough day at work, it will be quite difficult to remain calm and patient. But taking it out on your partner will only make things more complicated and frustrating.

Say what you mean

It is better to express what you really feel in direct language than to express hostility. Your partner will then immediately become defensive and the communication will be over. Neither of them pays attention anymore, says what they really feel and the problems only get bigger. Women often expect men to intuitively understand what they are thinking without actually saying it. They assume that the man understands that they want to make love when she says: Honey, I’m a little tired, I think I’m going to bed. It doesn’t even occur to men that she means something indirectly. So just say what you think.

Helpful tips

  • Exercise helps your muscles relax. Research shows that people who exercise a lot have less stress.
  • Do relaxation exercises. See what yoga or meditation can do for you.
  • Healthy eating and not smoking and drinking promote your ability to relax.
  • Take the time to relax. Sometimes take a break and do nothing at all or do something completely different. Variety prevents stress.
  • Dare to say ‘no’ if you feel that you cannot handle something or do not want it. It’s nice that everyone likes you, but first and foremost you have to think about your priorities.
  • If you feel that the situation is no longer in your control, seek professional help. Assertiveness training, behavioral therapy, group therapy, psychotherapy, relationship therapy or social skills training can help you get your stress under control.
  • Remember that no one is perfect! You can’t always do everything right and be present everywhere. If you do something less well, or are away from work for a week, the world will certainly not end. Be aware of this.
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