Solving alcohol problem step 1: Action Plan

If you have decided to change your alcohol consumption, it can be helpful to make a plan of action. Here you write down the goals you have in mind, among other things. The action plan is a kind of guidance in the process of reducing alcohol consumption and getting rid of your alcohol addiction. Many people are afraid to take the step of quitting or reducing alcohol. After all, you don’t know what to expect and whether it will indeed give you a better feeling. People are afraid of the uncertainties of life. It can therefore help you to try to imagine a life without alcohol, possibly by asking experts about their experiences with drinking less.

Set goals

If you want to reduce your alcohol consumption, it is advisable to write down exactly what you want to change. If you write this down in concrete and measurable goals, you can easily monitor your progress.

Intermediate goals

The ultimate goal is to reduce alcohol consumption or even stop drinking alcohol completely. This is a huge step that is doomed to failure. Not because you drink too much, but because no one can take such a big step in one go. It is therefore smart to set intermediate goals for yourself. These are achievable goals that increase the chance of success.
For example, if you normally drink 3 glasses of wine with dinner when you get home , you can try drinking only 2 glasses of wine with dinner.

Motivate yourself!

It is our human nature to be sensitive to punishment and reward. Because changing your drinking habits is a reward-worthy endeavor, you deserve a reward regularly! Write your intermediate goals on a piece of paper and write down the reward you will receive when you successfully complete your intermediate goal. For example, you can schedule a special day at home on which you evaluate your interim goal every week and celebrate it if it is completed successfully. You can also choose to buy your favorite magazine once you have adhered to the goals. Choose rewards that really reward yourself and motivate you.

Keeping the alcohol diary

It is advisable to continue completing the alcohol diary after the first week of inventory. You can clearly read your progress here.


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