Living in rooms, eating and living healthy

Live a healthy life and ensure that you are covered by good health insurance. Once you live on your own, you have to take care of yourself in that area too. You also have to learn to do your shopping on time and make sure you have everything at home. It takes extra getting used to because there is no one to cook for you every day, do the dishes, do your laundry and put your clothes in the closet. If you walk around uninsured and become ill, it costs a lot of money. So make sure your affairs are arranged.

Health insurance or medical insurance

When you are eighteen years old, you are legally an adult. If you live in a room or have an apartment or house, all insurance is also at your own expense. For example, health insurance or medical insurance is very important, because you would really not be able to pay the bills if you were ill. Make sure you are always insured for medical care. A hospital stay can easily cost a thousand euros or more per day. Surgery is prohibitively expensive and medications are expensive. The costs also add up very quickly for a visit to the doctor, dentist, specialist or undergoing an examination.

Eating healthy when you live on your own

If you have not helped much with the household chores in your parental home and suddenly everything ends up on your own shoulders, you may initially have a lot of difficulty keeping your household running. You have never actually learned to take care of yourself. Healthy eating can therefore prove to be a problem. In any case, try to eat fruit and vegetables regularly, avoid snacking and limit alcohol consumption. Smoking is completely out, so just don’t start. If you eat two fruits and one ounce of vegetables every day, that is a good basis for necessary vitamins. You can limit meat to one ounce three or four times a week. Also eat fatty fish, such as shredded salmon or smoked mackerel, which is very healthy. Eat brown bread instead of white bread. One or two eggs a week is not unhealthy.
Of course it is nice and easy to quickly run to the chip shop on the corner and stuff yourself with fries, bami slices, croquettes, bear bites, hamburgers and satay sauce-soaked chicken feet, rounded off with a mega milkshake. But eating fries and/or chips and/or cakes and hamburgers every day will make you fat, which is only nice if you are very thin. Quick snacks and cakes also contain too few nutrients to stay healthy. So limit these types of snacks as much as possible and only link them to parties.

Example of a healthy day

  • 2-3 pieces of fruit
  • 1 ounce of vegetables, or more + a bowl of lettuce/raw vegetables
  • 1 Glass of milk
  • 2-4 whole wheat bread
  • Not too many savory, sweet or fatty toppings
  • Couple of boiled potatoes
  • Not too greasy gravy
  • Lean meat or fish
  • Snack: piece of cheese, piece of cucumber, tomato, box of strawberries
  • Drink enough water every day


To play sports

Exercise keeps your body in shape and can help prevent obesity. You also feel fitter if you exercise regularly. If you like sports, you will already be on a sport and enjoy it. However, if you are not such a sporty person and you no longer participate in sports, seriously consider taking up a sport or at least exercising for half an hour every day.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

Everyone already knows it, but all these things shorten your life, make you more prone to wrinkles, destroy the overall condition of your body and have a range of negative side effects and consequences. Smoking, alcohol and drugs not only kill you earlier than average, but you can also die unexpectedly in the event of an overdose or a reaction from your body. For example, smoking and pill use increase the risk of thrombosis. There is actually no sensible reason to start smoking, alcohol or drugs. However, alcohol is socially accepted and if you don’t drink too much, it has a relaxing effect. This is also associated with conviviality. However, people quickly drink too much and then alcohol is actually only harmful and disinhibitory.
Smoking is no longer socially accepted. You are no longer allowed to smoke in any public building, so it is no longer allowed in nightlife. That makes quitting smoking a little easier. There are many risks associated with drugs. Once you start, the road back is long, and it won’t make you happier.

Get enough sleep

It is important to get enough sleep. If you go out regularly you will quickly run out of sleep. Try to go to bed on time during the week and maintain a fixed rhythm. In any case, do not drink alcohol during the week. People who
feel cold at night sleep worse, wake up more often and suffer from nightmares more often than people who do not suffer from the cold. So make sure you are comfortable and that you are not cold . If you can’t sleep, a glass of warm milk can sometimes just give you the push over the threshold into dreamland.

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