How do you wear a V-neck shirt?

When summer arrives and it starts to get warmer, we take out the slippers, our skirts start to get shorter and the necklines of our shirts become lower. A trend that returns every summer is the V-neck shirts. Celebrities are often spotted in it and it is a great basic piece of clothing that you simply need to have in your closet! It is difficult to combine a V-neck shirt in a nice way, so that it does not become boring. With these tips you can put together a trendy outfit with your V-neck shirt.

Six tips to combine your V-neck shirt

You can hardly go wrong with a V-neck shirt, but there are still a few wrong ways to combine your V-neck shirt. Keep the following tips in mind if you want to wear a V-neck shirt. But feel free to ignore these tips and wear your V-neck shirt in a way that suits you best.

1. Don’t show too much skin anywhere else

You should not wear a shirt with a very low neckline with a super short skirt. Unless you’re going out and the dress code allows it. When it comes to showing off your skin, the rule is: less is more. Of course it is nice to show more nakedness on holiday and a V-neck shirt with shorts is a nice simple outfit.

2. Experiment with jewelry, but not too much

Low tops can be a great way to make a beautiful statement necklace stand out. If you put on a statement necklace, don’t add statement earrings as they are too busy for an outfit. Choose one beautiful piece of jewelry and let it stand out in your outfit. You can wear a striking necklace and beautiful bracelets, which will look nice overall.

3. Don’t be afraid of color

The easiest color for a V-neck shirt is of course white, but you can also purchase a nice bright color. The V-neck shirts are not expensive, so you can easily purchase several shirts in your favorite colors. A white shirt looks nice under a black blazer and can easily be worn to work or formal occasions. In the summer you can choose a bright color such as cobalt blue or fuchsia pink, but a nude color or gray is also a beautiful color.

4. Try tucking your V-neck shirt into your high-waisted skirt

Many celebs wear their V-neck shirt in their waist skirt, which is very stylish. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fans of a white shirt and black skirt outfit, but Kim Kardashian has also been spotted in it. It is very nice to combine a white shirt with a black waist skirt, because it looks classic. You can also tuck a brightly colored shirt into your waist skirt that will look funky if you also combine it with sneakers.

5. Wear a V-neck shirt with jeans

This is very casual and easy for school. To keep it from looking boring, you can add a brightly colored bag or flats with nice accents. This way you have an outfit that is comfortable and beautiful for every day. Nice accessories really complete a simple outfit!

6. Combine your V-neck shirt with a cardigan

When it starts to get colder, you can easily combine your V-neck shirt with a cardigan, leaving the buttons open so that you can still see the V-neck. Add a waist belt over it and your look is done.

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