Top 10 Ways to Delay Ejaculation

There are many ways to delay ejaculation. Some are very effective, but take a lot of time. Others are relatively simple, but don’t always work well. What are the best ways to delay ejaculation? Here’s a top ten.

Number 10

We’ll start with number 10, the least on the list, but certainly not one to be overlooked. Medications, especially anti-depressants, can be prescribed in more desperate situations. The advantage is of course that it works well, but the fact that you are on medication and the side effects are absolute negatives.

Number 9

The “squeeze technique”. It sounds painful, but just wait until you hear the description. What you do is reduce the blood circulation in the penis with your fingers by squeezing the glans. Right, the biggest disadvantage of this method seems clear enough to me.

Number 8

The method at number 8 isn’t too friendly either. What you do is press your balls down with your thumb and index finger. With your thumb and index finger you make a semicircle with which you push the balls down from above. When you normally have an orgasm, your balls pull closer to your body (just like when you’re cold). By pushing the balls away from your body you delay the orgasm for a while. Here too the downside is that it does not feel very pleasant.

Number 7

The stop method. Actually the simplest of them all. When you feel like you are on the verge of an orgasm. Then stop for a moment, hug and caress each other for a while and when you can handle it again, then you continue. Of course it works fine, but the downside is that it can be difficult to stop at the moment simply because you don’t want to or your partner doesn’t want to.

Number 6

Wear a condom. Even a normal condom reduces the sensitivity of your glans, but there are also special condoms that contain a mild anesthetic to ensure that you can last longer.

Number 5

Concentrate less on the penetration and more on everything surrounding it. Sex is so much more than just penetration, so even though you may not last long, you can still have great sex.

Number 4

If “performing” in bed is a thing for you, then this could be the problem. You then put too much pressure on being able to continue for a long time. Try to relax and let go of this thought. You should enjoy sex and not be afraid that you won’t perform or that someone will turn you off. It often helps a lot if you don’t start having sex with such a need to perform.

Number 3

Practice, practice, practice! This is one of the better tips. With a lot of practice, you will become “better” at delaying an orgasm. Older men who have already gained some experience can generally continue longer than younger men. So, don’t worry, just practice more.

Number 2

The pelvic floor muscle is a muscle that is located somewhere between your scrotum and your anus. You use this, for example, to hold your urine. But delaying an orgasm can also be influenced by this muscle. By training him regularly, you can use him better during sex and last longer. Well, it takes some time, but it gives results.

Number 1

Thinking about your mother-in-law/grandmother/great-aunt, as long as it is a very unerotic thought for you. By taking your mind off sex, your arousal level drops and you can last just a little longer.

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