Dress well for work

If you work in an office, the rule is that your clothes look businesslike. Your colleague may look beautiful in short skirts, tight tops and stiletto heels. But her clothes are not suitable for the office. With these tips, for every office type, you will look good and gain respect from your boss and colleagues. You couldn’t say that about your colleague with her tight clothes.

Business dressed and usually suits

You have offices where it is important that employees only wear business clothing. These are usually three-piece suits for men. Women who can choose between the pantsuit and skirt suit. You can brighten up the pantsuit a bit by wearing a top in a neutral color underneath. Pink, nude, beige, dark blue, dark green, black and white are colors that you can wear in a business environment. If you prefer skirts, you can combine a skirt suit with classic heels to look nice. Remember that the skirt should not fall more than 8 centimeters above your knee, otherwise it will be too short! For business clothing you can go to expensive clothing stores such as De Bijenkorf and Peek & Cloppenburg, but you can also find nice suits in Mexx, Esprit, WE, Zara and H&M.

No suits, but no jeans either

Many offices have relaxed rules regarding suits. But you can’t dress completely business casual. You can consider mixing your suit with other clothing items. You can mix the skirt of your skirt suit with a blouse or cardigan instead of the blazer that comes with it. What is important is that the clothing items you mix are in the same style. You can also combine a simple dress with a cardigan and ballerinas. Colored blazers with neat trousers also work well. Keep your look simple, professional and clean. You can buy nice blouses and cardigans in Zara, H&M and Mango.

Jeans, but no shorts

This is typical business casual. In this type of office, men usually wear khaki trousers and polo shirts. You can wear both business clothes and casual clothes (this does not mean slippers). Wear a nice blazer with dark jeans and nice shoes. Or wear the skirt of your suit with a nice T-shirt or turtleneck and flats. Don’t wear your entire suit, because the office is also casual. It is best to mix the pieces of your suit with casual pieces. You can buy casual, yet business clothing at Vero Moda, Only, H&M and Mango. These clothing stores also sell nice jackets and blazers that you can combine with jeans.

Everything is good

Watches are always a good accessory / Source: Unsplash, Pixabay

This is a bit more difficult when it comes to clothing. You will be tempted to show up in shorts and a T-shirt, but you can’t do that. It doesn’t matter if your colleagues do, just try to dress neatly. Combine dark jeans (or medium dark) with a floral shirt or tunic. It is also nice to wear a cotton skirt and cardigan. You can prefer to wear light jeans and transparent tunics in your spare time. Moreover, the rule also applies here that dresses or skirts may not be too short. Be creative with your outfits, because that is allowed in these types of offices. And lastly: wear nice shoes to work, you can save slippers or Birkenstocks for the weekend.

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