First aid – frostbite

First Aid, First Aid for Accidents, the word says it all. First Aid is about being able to help someone if they have had an accident. It’s really about the First Aid. These are the basic principles of first aid, which everyone can and may apply.

First degree frostbite

With first-degree frostbite, the skin is pale gray and painful. It is best to warm the frozen body parts and, above all, prevent the frostbite from spreading. Be careful with hot water, because the victim cannot feel how hot the water is and if the water is too hot there is a risk of burns.

Second-degree frostbite

The skin is very painful with second-degree frostbite. It shows blisters filled with clear fluid, or with bloody fluid. You should always leave these blisters intact. It is best to cover them with gauze or something to prevent infections. Do not rub the victim, as this will cause additional damage to the skin. Preferably warm the frozen body parts with body heat.

Third-degree frostbite

With third-degree frostbite , the skin is stark white, feels hard and is numb. As with second-degree frostbite, it is important to warm the frozen body parts with body heat. Cover wounds with clean bandages or a cloth and take the victim to the hospital as quickly as possible!

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