First aid – the Rautek handle

First Aid, First Aid for Accidents, the word says it all. First Aid is about being able to help someone if they have had an accident. It’s really about the First Aid. In these articles you will find the basic principles of first aid, which everyone can and may apply.

The Rautek grip

Sometimes an accident happens in a dangerous place, for example in the middle of a road. Or it happens in a place where you cannot provide first aid . Then you want to move the victim, but that is not allowed just like that. There is a special way to do this safely, namely the Rautek grip .

How does Rautek’s grip work?

  • Kneel to the left of the victim’s shoulder,
  • Place your right foot behind your head,
  • Insert your right hand under the victim’s neck, into the right armpit,
  • Place your left hand from your back in the left armpit,
  • In one movement, raise the victim with your own body behind him. Make sure you support your head well with your right leg/foot!!
  • Slide your arms under the victim’s armpits,
  • Bring one forearm of the victim horizontally in front of his chest,
  • Place your hands with fingers and thumb over the forearm. Make sure that your thumb is on the forearm and not around it, otherwise you will pinch the victim.
  • Get as close to the victim as possible,
  • Lift it by straightening your legs, with your back straight.

Now you can drag the victim. Do this for as short a time as possible and make sure that you support the victim’s head again when you put him down!

…and what if the victim is sitting in a chair?

If the victim has become unconscious in a chair and you need to resuscitate him, slide your arms under the victim’s armpits and then simply grab him by one of his forearms. Furthermore, it is completely the same as doing Rautek from the ground.

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