Cerebral infarction with contraceptive pill

With a brain fracture you would think that it only occurs in older people. On the contrary. Young people, especially girls who take the contraceptive pill, also have an increased risk of having a cerebral infarction.


About 41,000 people have a stroke every year; or a Cerebrovalascular Accident (CVA). Of these cases, approximately 3% are younger than 45 years old. In recent years there has been a clear increase in the number of girls who suffer a stroke as a result of taking the pill. But how do you, as a pill user, have an increased risk of a cerebral infarction?


A study by the University Medical Centers in Utrecht and Leiden in 2007 showed that there is an enzyme in the blood that is involved in the formation of a blood clot. This blood clotting can cause a cerebral infarction. Women who have this enzyme have a nine times greater risk of a stroke than women without this variant. Women who take the pill and have this enzyme are even twenty times more likely to have a stroke. Fortunately, a cerebral infarction is very rare in women. Only 8.5 in 10,000 women suffer a cerebral infarction every year.


For young people who do become victims of a cerebral infarction, it has unpleasant consequences. These consequences can be physical, such as exercise, or psychological, such as emotions, behavior, communication and thinking. For anyone who becomes a victim of a stroke, it brings major changes to their daily lives. Because young people are in the prime of their lives, it hits this group extra hard. Relationships, friends, work, hobbies and work are just a few examples that can suffer from the condition.


Young people who have had a stroke often have to go to a rehabilitation center to learn everything again. That is not always easy, because people who end up in a wheelchair are dependent on assistance for the rest of their lives. Family will often have to change their lives for the person. Partners will have to give their relationship a completely new twist, often because it is a major change for both.


Loneliness can strike because when you have had a stroke you feel like you are being left out. Also because you no longer participate in social networks, it seems as if the outside world has forgotten you. The person’s self-image often also plays a major role, because you return as a completely different person, with limitations. Being able to lead a normal life is often no longer possible for these people. Good information about the risks of a cerebral infarction is therefore very important for this target group.


There are two types of strokes: cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. During a cerebral infarction, a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked by a clot. This damages the brain tissue. During a cerebral hemorrhage, a blood vessel ruptures or bursts, releasing blood in and around the brain. In both cases, the brain is damaged, which can lead to a temporary or permanent loss of brain function. Research shows that women who take the pill have a greater risk of a cerebral infarction.

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