Skin blemishes, how to treat?

There are many skin problems, including blemishes. For example, spots under the breasts or in the groin. What can be done about it? Skin blemishes (the official name is entertrigo) is common; more often in older people and the sick, and in people who are very overweight. It is a difficult ailment and can also be painful. Skin infections often occur in places where there are folds in the skin. It starts to sweat in the folds and the bacteria cause an unpleasant odor. Red spots often develop and the skin can break. Skin blemishes are more common in older people than in younger people . More than 12% of patients suffer from skin blemishes . Older skin has more folds, so blemishes can occur more quickly. People who exercise less than average are also at greater risk. Overweight and sick people are also more likely to suffer from skin blemishes.

Sore skin due to scalding, blemishes, chafing. Which cream helps?

Blemishes cause itchy, chapped skin that feels burning . Sometimes the spots bleed because the skin breaks. Inflammations can also occur if nothing is done about it. Blemish spots can also smell very unpleasant because there is no air circulation in the moist skin fold. Bacteria on the skin can multiply quickly in warm, sultry places. Women suffer from this condition more often because they have more places on their body where it can occur, such as under the breasts. But men can also suffer considerably from blemishes. Skin or skin can chafe, which also causes painful red spots. Red and/or itchy spots can also be caused by a fungal infection of the skin. Blemish spots also often have a bacterial cause. It often occurs in places where there is pressure and friction, and in places where you perspire, such as in the armpits and groin. Vevina cream is a cream that softens and restores the skin, and it also prevents damage from skin or skin contact. The blemish spots will heal but will need to be maintained. Nestosyl ointment or cream is also a cream that helps heal the skin and it especially helps against bacterial growth and unpleasant odors from skin blemishes. Apply Nestosyl cream/ointment to clean, dry (by patting dry) skin, especially in skin folds. The Nestosly ointment even helps for a few days and comes in a tube.

Skin blemishes

Overweight people can also suffer from this skin condition more quickly, for example in skin folds under an overweight, sagging abdomen. (Blemish on the skin also occurs in babies, because they also (still) have many skin folds). Adults and the elderly also often suffer from skin folds that become blemishes. If bacteria get into the skin folds, this can cause unpleasant stains after just a few hours of scalding, sometimes leading to bleeding. A lukewarm bath (without soap) and after bathing, carefully drying the skin folds by gently patting the skin folds dry (do not rub) with a clean cotton cloth, provides relief. Then apply a suitable product to the skin folds, such as Nestosyl ointment. Do not self-medicate with powders or home remedies.

Risk factors for blemishes

  • Overweight.
  • Pressure ulcers.
  • ADL dependence (ADL = Activities of daily living, so ADL dependence means that the person needs help with activities related to normal things of daily life, such as dressing, undressing, walking, eating, etc.).
  • Moist skin due to urine loss or urinary incontinence.
  • Moist skin due to perspiration.
  • High body temperature.
  • Reduced mobility.


What can you do about blemishes?

Daily skin care by washing with lukewarm water is very important. Do not use soap or only use PH-neutral soap. Cotton clothing and bedding is better than other fabrics. In care, women are advised to wear a cotton T-shirt and a well-supporting cotton bra over it. Clothing that provides good support for sagging parts of the body prevents skin-on-skin rubbing. Wearing thongs is not recommended. Cotton underwear that fits well to your body but does not pinch is best. Underwear with pipes, which prevents pinching in the groin, is recommended for blemishes in the groin. Change clothes regularly. In case of urine loss, change and wash immediately and dry and treat the skin again. For men, there is a special suspensor that supports the scrotum to prevent blemishes on the skin in that area.

Which material to apply between the skin folds?

Tear-off linen, non-woven gauze and English lint are used in the care.


Prevent perspiration by wearing clothing that breathes. Cotton is good. This also applies to socks. Shoes must also be able to ‘breathe’. Make sure it is not too hot in your area. Sleep under cotton sheets and bedding that breathes. Check the skin folds regularly for redness, cracks and irritation and keep the skin folds properly clean and dry. Change underwear and clothing very regularly.

Blemishes treatment

  • If you suffer from skin blemishes, contact your doctor and do not try home remedies or creams yourself.
  • Contaminated skin folds are generally treated with zinc oil, a special cream or barrier spray.
  • If you suffer from sweating in skin folds and result in red spots and/or a strong odor of bacteria, try Nestosyl ointment.


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