Camel milk seems good for people with diabetes

Research has shown that people with diabetes benefit from drinking camel milk. The Netherlands has 1 camel farmer, more may follow after the results of research in the Netherlands.

Camel milk and cow’s milk

Camel milk has a different composition than cow’s milk . While many people have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk , they will often not have any problems when drinking camel milk . This has to do with the lack of the protein beta-lactoglobulin in camel milk. Camel milk also contains a lot of lactoferrin, a substance with an anti-inflammatory effect. Camel milk is most similar to breast milk .

Camel milk and diabetes

It seems that camel milk has a positive influence on people who have diabetes . Enthusiastic drinkers of camel milk report that they need to inject less insulin. The impression is that camel milk reduces blood sugar levels. Extensive research is currently being conducted in the Netherlands into the effect of camel milk on type 1 diabetes . Research is also starting into the effect on type 2 diabetes.

Camel milk and Crohn’s disease

Camel milk also seems to help people with Crohn’s disease. The milk should not be regarded as a medicine, but it appears that the effect of camel milk is anti-inflammatory, which means that people with chronic intestinal infections are less affected by this.

Where is camel milk available?

In the Netherlands there is only one farmer who keeps camels to milk them. The camel milk is available at this farm in Cromvoirt. You then pay three euros for half a liter. The milk is also sold at organic stores, where you pay the price of 4.95 euros for half a liter. People have now also succeeded in making cheese from camel milk.

Evidence for the positive effect of camel milk

At this time there is no established evidence that camel milk actually produces such positive results as it currently appears to. Only after research in the Netherlands will it become clear whether the results correspond with what research in India, for example, has shown.
In India, a study has shown that there is no diabetes in one province. Many camels live in this province .

Information about camel milk

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