Healthy living with a colorful diet

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is essential for our health. We are all familiar with the rule: two ounces of vegetables and two ounces of fruit every day. Which vegetables and fruits are best to eat for a healthy life?

Food by color

There are many scientific studies into the effects of certain fruits and vegetables on our health. It has been shown, among other things, that fruit and vegetables can be sorted by color when we look at the specific positive effects on health. Below you can read more about some of these effects.


Red vegetables such as tomatoes, red peppers and strawberries have a positive influence on the heart and blood. Red vegetables also prevent cancer. For example, tomatoes contain lycopene. This is a very powerful antioxidant that protects against cancer, heart attacks and cataracts.


Examples of purple fruits and vegetables are eggplants, figs, berries and plums. Purple fruits and vegetables have positive effects on bowel movements, the urinary tract and on the blood and heart vessels. Furthermore, forest fruits, for example, contain bioflavonoids. These substances strengthen capillaries, which, among other things, has a protective effect against rosacea. Couperosis is a condition in which small blood vessels under the skin, mainly on the cheeks, expand. This condition mainly occurs in women.


Green vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach contain a lot of calcium, which ensures strong bones and teeth. Furthermore, green fruits and vegetables are also known for their beneficial influence on the nervous system and vision. In a recent study on broccoli, scientists suggest that broccoli may play an important role in repairing blood vessels. People with diabetes could benefit from this. Diabetics have too much glucose in their blood and this leads to damage to the blood vessels.


Eating white vegetables such as chicory, cauliflower and onion protects the heart and blood vessels and prevents the growth of cancer cells. White vegetables also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

Yellow and orange

Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on resistance. They also protect against cancer due to the large amount of antioxidants. The orange in particular plays an important role in this. For example, no fruit contains as many antioxidants as an orange. The antioxidants capture free radicals and thus prevent them from damaging cell tissue and cancer from developing. Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are also good for blood pressure and the skin. Finally, because carrots contain a large amount of beta-carotene, they have a beneficial effect on vision.
Finally, it is especially important that people are aware of the need to eat a varied diet. With a varied diet you will benefit from all the positive effects of the different types of fruit and vegetables. You can’t go wrong with a colorful meal, consisting of a rich variety of vegetables and your daily portion of fruit.

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