How do I get that beer belly?

Many men develop the so-called “beer belly” as they get older. Fat accumulates around your waist and a protruding belly becomes visible. Beer is often blamed, hence the name beer belly.

How do you get the beer belly?

Many people gain weight as they get older, not only men, but also women accumulate more fat than is good for them. Obviously, this is not, as is often said, due to the beer . Beer may be very high in calories, about 80 calories per beer , but the fat bellies are not specifically caused by the beer. The actual cause of the beer belly is the fatty snacks and refreshments that are often consumed with beer . Beer also stimulates the appetite, making people more likely to snack. Moreover, beer is often served at a party, accompanied by fatty snacks, nuts or chips. This together gives you an extra boost. If you are also used to consuming around 20 beers in an evening, together with the necessary snacks, you will soon have several times your required daily amount of calories .

Do women also have a beer belly?

In women, fat collects more around the thighs and hips, so they do not have the pronounced beer belly that men can have. So a beer-drinking woman can accumulate just as much fat as a beer-drinking man, but it’s in different places and doesn’t stick out as noticeably.

How do you get rid of your beer belly?

Many men do not find their beer belly pleasant or attractive. It gets in the way, you get back problems and you are fed up with the question of when the little one is expected. If you want to get rid of the beer belly, here are some tips:

  • Halve the amount of beer you are used to drinking
  • Alternate your glasses of beer with a glass of water every time
  • Avoid the fatty snacks, try to limit yourself to a pickle, piece of cucumber or a single piece of cheese.
  • Go exercise, in the gym you can follow a special training program to reduce the beer belly.
  • Do you want to lose a lot of belly? Then halve the portions you eat with your regular meals and limit yourself to 1 to 2 beers .
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