Ten tips for a good life

Health is high on everyone’s list. This explains the growing business in pills, creams, organic foods and fitness centers. But there is plenty you can do for a good life without spending a lot of money. The tips below are all proven ingredients for a long and healthy life.

  • Pets
  • Laugh
  • Sex
  • A day in the countryside
  • A good glass of wine
  • Dinner with friends or the kids
  • A weekend away
  • Massage
  • Music
  • A day of driving around



A dog or cat is not always cheap, but you get a lot in return: unconditional love and support, more exercise, better blood pressure, better cholesterol, less stress, less depressive feelings, fewer doctor visits and more fun in the family. It can make a big difference, especially for a single elderly person.


Anyone who has seen the film Patch Adams saw how difficult it was to convince the medical world in the 1960s that laughter is healthy. We now know better. Have an old-fashioned game night with friends, watch your favorite comedy show or a funny movie. Forget your worries for a moment and smile!


Sex is good for our mental health and it even seems to make us younger. Plus, sex is a good form of exercise, so what are you waiting for?

A day in the countryside

City dwellers in particular benefit from a day away from the hustle and bustle. Normally you may no longer hear the sounds of cars and people, but in the countryside you notice how quiet it is there and how busy the city is. Fresh air and a walk through the woods will calm your mind. Elderly people who live on tree-lined streets and within walking distance of a park have a proven better chance of living a longer life.

A good glass of wine

Those who enjoy wine should not be deterred by horror stories. The increased risk of a certain disease is often offset by the pleasure we get from it. If another drink or food makes you happy, sit down and enjoy it. Remember that the extent to which you eat or drink something; too much is never good.

Dinner with friends or the kids

Preferably in a cheap restaurant or at home. Let yourself go and have a night of fun. In an expensive restaurant, people feel less comfortable and loud laughter is less appreciated. In a busy life, many people don’t see their friends and children enough, so it’s nice to set aside time for that.

A weekend away

Planning is crucial. Look at your calendar (and that of your partner) and cross off the weekend: nothing should be planned here. A weekend away doesn’t have to be expensive or romantic. Simply taking time for yourself and each other is enough.


Massage experts can help you relax. They find the muscles that are tense due to stress or worry. Even after 15 minutes you can already feel a difference.


Listen to music that relaxes you, whatever it is. Use headphones if you want to keep the neighbors stress-free. Your body and mind can discharge if you take the time for pleasant music. Why do you think more and more dentists offer music or why airlines offer at least a few radio stations?

A day of driving around

Take a map or GPS with you for the way back, but don’t let your instincts guide you on the way there. Take turns you would otherwise never take and see where you end up or who you meet. Leave the modern means of communication at home. Only take your phone with you for emergencies, so turn it off unless something happens.

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