Work clothes for the summer

When it is a warm summer day, you naturally like to lie on the beach. Unfortunately, you can’t always go to the beach, because during the week you just have to go to work. So that means you can’t wear a light floral dress with comfortable slippers. Still, you can look businesslike and summery. With a few tips you can brighten up your work clothes so that you feel like it’s summer at work.

Summer rules for clothing

Nice skirt for a casual workplace / Source: PixArc, Pixabay

In the summer you want to move from business casual to more casual. Most companies allow employees to dress more casually and less businesslike during the summer months. Keep in mind that you still have to appear professional. So you can’t show up in short floral dresses with slippers at the office.

Dress code

All companies are different. You can check the house rules to see what the dress code is at work and look at the clothing of your colleagues in the summer. This way you know approximately what is desired in terms of clothing in the company where you work. But in most cases, you won’t want to wear the items below to your workplace no matter how warm or tempting it is.

Not suitable for work:

  • Short jeans
  • Very short skirts or shorts
  • Tank tops, spaghetti tops and halter tops
  • Flip flops


A nice blazer or cardigan: If you suddenly have a meeting, you can skip a cardigan or blazer for these types of cases. This way you are a little more covered and a jacket gives your outfit a professional look.


Work clothes with a summer touch

If the clothes you wear to work are limited, you won’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe of work clothes for the summer. There are certain things you can change about your clothes so that you still look summery.
Purchasing summer work clothes
You can start by buying cotton and linen clothing. You don’t have to change your entire wardrobe, but most work clothes will probably be made of wool. You will definitely need to invest in some clothes made of lighter materials for the summer. Another way to make your wardrobe look summery is to purchase white clothing. White is actually acceptable in winter and summer. So clothes in this color are a good investment because you can wear them all year round. If you don’t like crisp white, you can of course also go for cream, beige, light pink or nude colors. It is useful to purchase the following:

Striking heels / Source: Simonlees, Pixabay

  • Cream blazer (for meetings)
  • White cardigan
  • White waist belt
  • White trousers
  • White pencil skirt

Good accessories
And the best way to make your wardrobe look summery? With accessories. Large, striking accessories in all kinds of colors and shapes make your clothes look completely different. Invest in some nice jewelry, some nice, thin shawls and lots of summer bags. A beautiful red designer bag on your arm makes your work clothes look a lot more summery.

You can spice up a casual outfit with a nice pair of shoes. Summer wedges made of a beautiful material look great with smart trousers or a skirt.

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