Seek and find happiness!

Happiness is not in the tangible things, happiness is a feeling you have. Our way of thinking influences our sense of happiness. By looking at things differently you can put things into perspective, see more opportunities, be satisfied with small things instead of chasing big dreams. You will also take a personality test where you will receive advice on what you could possibly improve yourself to experience more happiness.

Find your own happiness!

Experiencing happiness is a form of having a pleasant or satisfied feeling about something, it can be a chat with a stranger, the sun shining in your face, hearing a favorite music, sharing a feeling with someone who experiences the same thing, the list is endless, undoubtedly everyone can complete it for themselves.
Surveys show that not all people can find happiness within themselves; About ten percent of people consider themselves unlucky, forty percent consider themselves lucky and half of the people are in between.
The group of unlucky people have the idea that everything always goes against them, the trouble is that these people only count their setbacks, the windfalls are very quickly forgotten. The opposite is the case with the lucky ones: They count their blessings, and of the setbacks they think: We have learned something from that, and so it is! The people who experience the most happiness are also open to newer things and experiences. They are not stuck and look for ways to make life more enjoyable. Because they are open, there are more social contacts and they can expand their interests even more. So it is also a matter of personality that influences our sense of happiness.
By learning to relax and practicing making contacts, we can increase our sense of happiness. Our self-confidence also plays an important role. Happy people also take more time to get to know themselves by, among other things, meditating and relaxing. Positive thinking is a very important quality, and it also attracts other people who experience the same thing. Unhappy people think that they cannot change the situation, while the happy do not want to know anything about it and believe that they can direct the future themselves.
Of course, happy people also have setbacks sometimes. Only they deal with it differently than the unlucky ones; they think that it could have been much worse , there are others who are in much worse shape. They do not worry or give up, they trust that they can do something about their problems themselves, that they can learn from their mistakes.

A personality test:

Read the questions below carefully, and then indicate how much you agree, answer as honestly as possible to get a good result, and good advice! Please indicate your thoughts on each question and then add your scores per section, according to the points list below;

Point scores:

Strongly disagree 1 point
Disagree 2 pointNeutral 3 pointAgree 4 pointStrongly agree 5 point
Section 1
a. I sometimes chat with strangers while waiting in line at the supermarket or elsewhere
b. I don’t tend to worry and be tense about things to come
c. I am open to new experiences, such as trying new types of food or drinks
Section 2
a. I often listen to my feelings and hunchesb. I have tried some techniques to improve my intuition, such as meditation, or finding a quiet place
Section 3
a. I almost always assume that good things will happen to me in the futureb. I usually try to get what I want, even if I have little chance
c. I expect most people I encounter to be pleasant, friendly and helpful
Section 4
a. No matter what happens, I always look on the bright sideb. I believe that in the long run even negative events will turn out good for me
c. I don’t tend to spend a lot of time worrying about things that didn’t work out well in the past. I try to learn from the mistakes I made in the past


Section 1; maximize your chances

Scoring between 9 and 11 is an average score
Scored lower? Make more use of the opportunities life offers you; Seek more relaxation, be more open to other people, go for new experiences. Make a plan for yourself in which you don’t make it easy for yourself, there are always things you have thought about, such as, what would it be like to go there. Do this regularly and you will increase your chances of positive experiences!

Section 2; Listen to your happy impulses

Scoring between 5 and 7 is an average score.
Scored lower? Make more use of your hunches and hunches. By staying true to yourself and trusting your feelings in a relaxed moment, you can make better choices, instead of hastily making a decision that you have doubts about. How would you feel after various choices, what gives you the best feeling?

Section 3; Expecting your happiness

Scores between 10 and 11 are average.
Lower score? Then keep in mind that the future may turn out to be more positive than you think. You must learn to persevere and not give up to achieve your goals. You can visualize certain situations in advance; you consider in advance how certain events might unfold and how you can respond as best as possible. Think about the questions that might be asked, and then plan your answers in advance so that you can handle the situation with confidence!

Section 4; Turning adversity into happiness

Scores between 11 and 16 are average.
Scored lower? Force yourself to see the positive sides of your setbacks, including that you learn from them and gain experience, that you have the choice to work on them. In the event of setbacks, you give your negative feelings half an hour, some people have to take it out by crying, shouting or punching a punching bag. After this, you seek distraction through supreme concentration on, for example, sports, a nice movie, listening to music, the thought of something really fun that previously made you really happy, possibly with the help of photos, conversations with people close to you. Put the event into perspective and share your feelings.

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