Tuttel cloth: Every baby’s favorite

Of course they existed in the past, but they didn’t have a special name at the time. Nowadays every parent knows what is meant by “tuttle cloth”. They are baby’s favorite cloths/cuddly toys. It is the “cloth” that must be taken everywhere, and must simply always be present. When you are awake, or when you go to sleep, at home or somewhere else, it doesn’t matter, it just has to be there. It is the cloth that always comforts every sorrow, the cloth that you cannot do without. If there is one toy that is by far the most favorite of babies and small children, it is the baby cloth. Babies can’t talk yet, so asking them isn’t possible. But body language says more than enough and babies can cry. And those two things are irrefutable proof that baby wipes are indeed the number 1 choice for almost every baby. A proof of the sum? Take away a baby’s nappy cloth and the result is a crying baby with clenched fists. Give the baby cloth back and the crying stops and the body relaxes.
At the same time, that is why the tuttel cloth is also every parent’s worst nightmare. Because what to do if it gets lost or forgotten somewhere. Practice has shown that it is not replaceable; A baby once attached to his or her nappy cloth will not settle for anything else. Some parents therefore go so far as to have not one but several baby wipes, all the same of course. Just for fun, you should take a look at baby/parent forums and see how many desperate calls there are from parents looking for one particular type of nappy cloth that has become their child’s favorite and is now no longer available.

What makes a tuttel cloth so special? Why is it irreplaceable?

The form

Their easy shape makes them very attractive for babies to grasp. The best shape is a square piece of soft, child-friendly fabric. They are usually between 20 and 25 cm in size. Characteristic are the 4 or 5 points. There is a button on the ends that the little ones love to bite on, suck on and play with. Rubbing one’s own nose back and forth is a particularly common action. Many tuttel cloths have something fun in the middle of the cloth, a clown head, an animal head, etc.

The smell

Because of all the sucking and fidgeting, the baby cloth has acquired its own unique scent. Over time, they may no longer look fresh to adults; Babies think completely differently about that. Only two things matter to them: how it smells and how it feels. It has to smell unique, it has to smell familiar, only then is it OK. And it must feel good and have a shape that is familiar to them. Therefore, do not put the tuttel cloth in the washing machine in all your cleanliness. No baby wants that.
What is not important is the color of the tuttel cloth and the brand. Expensive or cheap is not a criteria for a baby. Good thing, too. Whether it is a baby wipe from the nearest drugstore chain or one from one of the many expensive baby brands, it will really make no difference to the baby. What counts is the “attachment to”. From the moment the cloth has reached this status, it has become irreplaceable.

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