Lavender and Gemstones: Natural Health

A lot has been written about herbal medicine, color and scent therapy and the effect of stones. In this first article I will introduce you to a herb, a scent, a color and a stone that can enhance each other’s effect. However, a warning is in order here! Do not try to work with the herbs yourself, but go to a real herbal specialist.


Lavender is perhaps the best known herb. It is a slender semi-shrub of 20 to 30 centimeters high with greyish-purple flowers. There are 28 species and the lavender is native to the area between Spain and the former Yugoslavia. However, the herb is also grown in other areas for its essential oil. France is known for its lavender fields and in England the shrubs are mainly found in super romantic gardens full of roses. Lavender keeps roses aphid-free.
Lavender smells wonderful when the flower is still on the plant, but especially in dried form. You can do this yourself, you cut a stem with flower from the plant and hang a bunch to dry in a dry, dark place. You can hang the dried flowers in your linen cupboard, for example. The moths don’t like the smell, but all your clothes, sheets and other linen do.
Do you have a bad smell in your refrigerator? Put a few drops on a paper towel and put it in your refrigerator. You can even burn the dried flowers and your entire house will be disinfected and smell wonderful again.

Soothing and disinfectant effect

Lavender has a calming and disinfectant effect. You can rub some lavender oil on your temples if you have a headache, but also if you have had a burn, disinfect and soften the area with a drop of oil. Lavender oil is the only oil that you can use undiluted!

Sleep problems

If you suffer from sleeping problems, it may help if you sprinkle a few drops of oil on your pillow. The soft scent smells like summer and before you know it you will be dreaming wonderfully. Lavender has a gray-purple color, but they can also be soft pink and even white. These colors bring peace to your life if you live a life full of stress. These colors in your bedroom can ensure a good night’s sleep. After all, if your eyes do not have to react to bright colors but are given rest by the softness of the lavender colors, your entire body will relax. When you work at home, it is nice to work in a room where the colors are in harmony with each other. The colors of lavender come in so many soft nuances that there is bound to be one that pleases you and gives you the peace and quiet to work in a relaxed manner.


Gemstones have been used since ancient times as a remedy for many ailments. Stones are also a product of nature and even a simple pebble can be very beautiful. There are many types and you can wear them in many ways. A stone that fits very well with the effects of lavender is Amethyst. It is a light to dark violet colored stone that is completely or largely transparent. The color comes from manganese, iron and titanium. Amethyst has a calming effect and provides inner peace, it helps against tension headaches, migraines and insomnia.
There is no scientific evidence for this article, but it has been proven that color, scent, stones and herbs do a lot of good for inner peace. You are free to try anything, but again: be careful with the herbs.

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