Quit smoking, but how?

Since the introduction of the smoking ban in the catering industry on July 1, 2008, many people have stopped smoking. For those who already wanted to quit, this measure was an additional reason to get rid of nicotine addiction. The only question is, what is the best way to quit? With aids such as nicotine patches or pills? Or cold turkey?

  • Stopping with or without help?
  • Reasons to quit
  • The electronic cigarette
  • Health benefits after quitting smoking
  • Getting heavier?


Stopping with or without help?

There are different ways to quit smoking. With the help of nicotine patches or nicotine gum, for example. These substances can be gradually reduced so that less and less nicotine is used. There are also pills that are only available with a prescription. So you need to go to the doctor for this. These pills ensure that the need for nicotine is blocked so that the craving for a cigarette decreases or disappears. Then there is the option of quitting ‘cold turkey’: no smoking from one day to the next. Without tools.

Reasons to quit

People have different reasons for quitting smoking. Most will stop for health reasons. Because it has made them ill or because they are afraid of becoming ill from it in the future. There have been so many negative reports about tobacco use that most people are now aware of the health risks that smoking entails. In addition, there are people who stop because of the high costs. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, the costs can be quite high.

The electronic cigarette

It seems to be a special case, the electronic cigarette. Yet it is also a nicotine replacement, but because the nicotine is inhaled through the mouth, this way of smoking or vaping is seen as a different way of smoking. And not as a way to quit smoking while it is still used as such by some. The RIVM warns against the use of e-cigarettes because toxic substances are released when using them. However, the electronic cigarette seems to have become popular recently. The EU is still working on research into electronic cigarettes.

Health benefits after quitting smoking

Health improves fairly quickly when you stop smoking. Breathing and circulation in particular improve relatively quickly, as does the sense of taste and smell. You will also look better, the skin will become fresher and the gray facial color will disappear. Another advantage is that the clothes and hair will smell fresh again. And don’t forget the house. The smoke smell disappears and the rooms and curtains continue to look clean and smell fresh. The health risks decrease over time. The risk of cardiovascular disease begins to decrease significantly after a number of years and the risk of cancer after fifteen years.

Getting heavier?

Many people are afraid of gaining weight if they stop smoking. It does indeed seem to be the case that the metabolism of smokers is slightly faster than that of non-smokers. But this can only make a difference of a few kilos at most. The risk of gaining weight because of eating and/or snacking more is greater. The food tastes better so people tend to eat more. This is especially the case in the beginning. Once the nicotine addiction is over, you can lose the excess weight by paying attention to your eating and snacking habits and exercising more. People now live a lot healthier without a cigarette, even if they are slightly overweight!

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