How do you style your hair?

We see a lot of hair styling, also written as ‘styles’, at the moment. Straight hair, made extra straight with a hair straightener, is suddenly the trend. Would you also like a stylish, straight hairstyle? This article contains tips for the best results. One likes curls, the other likes straight hair. You can also alternate. Everything is possible nowadays. If you want to style your hair, there are different methods for doing so. The hair straightener works best. How do you style your hair? I remember that my aunts from Suriname (who came to the Netherlands years ago) were busy straightening their frizzy hair every day during their stay in the Netherlands. I was still small and didn’t really understand why people who were blessed with such a beautiful head of curly hair would be so unwise as to flatten it with hot objects. I myself had few curls in my hair and it would have given me a lot to have their beautiful hair on my head. At that time, there were no devices for styling hair. My aunts simply put a pan of water on the stove and boiled aluminum combs in it. I believe they later held those boiling hot combs with a cloth to prevent blisters on their fingers, and then smoothed their hair with them. ‘Straightening,’ they already called that activity. Their hair was burned by the hot combs and what was left behind was a thick layer of broken hair, which was, by the way, straight. But even then, hair was styled using heat.

Styling the hair, with what?

Nowadays, there are safer ways to tackle curly hair. There are devices on the market for styling hair, the so-called straighteners, hair straighteners or brushes. Styling hair is easy with a straightener. It’s kind of like a reverse curling iron. It works with heat, but where the curling iron curls the hair in an instant using heat, the straightener smoothes the hair and removes curls and/or curls. The device is less damaging to the hair than the aggressive methods with boiled aluminum combs that my aunts used, but the heat of a straightener can still damage the hair if used excessively. Styling too often is therefore not recommended.

Which model of hair styling device is best for your hair?

There are different sizes of straighteners on the market. The longer the hair, the wider the straightener. A straightener that is too wide is not useful for short hair. You can also opt for a brush that can smooth the hair, such as The EliteBrush.
Tips for styling your hair for the best results

  • If you have a styling product, there is a good chance that the result will be better, but you can also style without products to smooth the hair.
  • Make sure hair is completely dry before styling. Damp hair or poorly blow-dried hair that is still slightly damp must first dry for the best end result.
  • Make sure the hair is blow-dried straight, this will also ensure a much better end result after using the hair straightener.
  • Do not take more than a maximum of 3 millimeters of hair between the pliers. Too much hair between the tongs burns the outer hair and does not heat the inner hair enough, resulting in the hair being unevenly straightened and burned.
  • Take a piece of hair (maximum 3 millimeters thick) and hold it perpendicular/horizontal from the head so that you can place the hair straightener properly. Clamp the section of hair between the heating elements of the straightener. Place the pliers close to the scalp but be careful not to burn the scalp, it should not hurt. Pull the tongs down in a throwing motion without stopping. Clamp the hair firmly, but not for too long, between the heating elements to prevent damage to the hair.
  • Allow each section of styled hair to cool completely before doing anything else with it for the best results.
  • Spray the cooled straight hair with a little bit of hairspray to prevent frizz. It therefore stays in shape longer and better.


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