The power of gemstones

Almost everyone among us owns a gemstone. But we also realize that, for example, a diamond or ruby has a healing power. All semi- and precious stones can cure both physical and mental ailments. Each stone also has a different effect on our body and mind. Do you feel like you lack energy? Or do you have physical or mental problems? Then a suitable gemstone might provide a solution. Gemstones are rare minerals that both provide energy and have healing powers. Examples include diamond, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine and emerald. Semi-precious stones that only partially contain the minerals of gemstones also have the same influence on the body, mind and environment.

A rock? But which?

It is perfectly possible to choose a gemstone purely on intuition, but it can also be done differently. For example, the gemstones can be subdivided astrologically. Each stone has a number of properties, so one fits a zodiac sign better than the other. There are a number of specific gemstones for all zodiac signs.
In the following list you can read some examples, of course there are also other options:

  • Aries: rock crystal, ruby, red jasper, aquamarine,…
  • Taurus: sapphire, rose quartz, emerald, agate,…
  • Gemini: tiger’s eye, citrine, jade, rock crystal,…
  • Cancer: aventurine, emerald, onyx, moonstone,…
  • Leo: chrysolite, turquoise, rock crystal, diamond,…
  • Virgo: zircon, jasper, carnelian, agate,…
  • Libra: tourmaline, topaz, jade, opal,…
  • Scorpio: garnet, bloodstone, fluorite, carnelian,…
  • Sagittarius: yellow topaz, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise,…
  • Capricorn: smoky quartz, onyx, tiger’s eye, ruby,…
  • Aquarius: turquoise, amethyst, moonstone, falcon eye,…
  • Pisces: opal, hematite, jasper, aquamarine,…



Because the stones all have a different healing power, it is also possible to choose a stone that can treat a problem. Wearing gemstones against mental or physical complaints is a very old healing method. It was known from a very early age that stones have a medicinal influence on thinking and feeling. They are also used to counteract negative influences.

Physical problems:

  • Health: lapis lazuli relieves the pain of migraines, lowers blood pressure and is beneficial for insomnia and dizziness.
  • Bruises: bronzite has a relaxing effect and provides inner peace.
  • Knee problems: jade, the stone also protects against bad luck.
  • Skin rashes: Aventurine also helps with inflammation and allergies.
  • Headache: amethyst, the stone is called nature’s sedative. It also helps with insomnia and nightmares.
  • Sore throat: chrysoberyl promotes the healing power of the body and helps with disorders of the chest cavity and the liver.


Mental issues:

  • Adaptability: Chrysoprase also promotes mental growth and clarity of mind. The stone encourages a positive outlook on life and helps overcome compulsive thoughts and actions.
  • Anxiety: Amber is a powerful cleansing stone that absorbs negative energies and pain, thereby bringing balance.
  • Concentration: sodalite, the stone helps to process mental and emotional confusion and can thus promote concentration.
  • Depression: citrine not only helps overcome depression, but also gives energy and zest for life.
  • Self-esteem: rose quartz promotes (self) love, creativity, fantasy, self-respect and maturity. The stone attracts love and friendly relationships.
  • Self-confidence: Garnet also promotes willpower and zest for life in crisis situations.
  • Breaking a relationship: Onyx, this stone helps to break unwanted ties with the past.

There are also one or more stones for the discomforts that are not included in this list.


The effect of the gemstones can also be summarized by color. The warm colors stimulate and activate, while the cool ones have a calming effect. The neutral ones help in the search for balance. All colors and their main effect at a glance:

  • White provides brightness and cleanliness. It also reinforces the current situation. (e.g. rock crystal and diamond)
  • Yellow is the color of wisdom, life warmth and protection. It has an uplifting effect and strengthens the body’s own defenses and immune system. (e.g. citrine, yellow fluorite amber and topaz)
  • Orange represents healing and vitality, makes someone cheerful and open-minded. (e.g. carnelian, sunstone and fire opal)
  • Red promotes sexuality and libido, feelings also become more intense, both positive and negative. There is a difference in effect between bright red and softer red. Bright red strengthens the desire for power and power and is not suitable for hot-tempered people. (e.g. ruby, red jasper, garnet and hematite)
  • Green makes the heart stronger, frees feelings and leads them outward. It also stimulates the activity of the liver and bile. (e.g. malachite, green tourmaline, emerald and jade)
  • Blue stimulates the activity of the kidneys, has a calming effect and relieves anxiety. It is the color of hope and tranquility. (e.g. sapphire, sodalite and lapis lazuli)
  • Violet strengthens the functioning of the lungs and brain performance. This color also has a liberating effect and is used to reach a higher spiritual level. (e.g. amethyst, purple fluorite, charoite and kunzite)
  • Black ensures that the forces of the mind are converted into decisiveness. It calms the energy flows, has an analgesic effect and strengthens mental resistance. Black also makes it possible to continue to function with concentration in our hectic world. This color is unsuitable for gloomy people. (e.g. onyx and obsidian)



After purchasing a gemstone, it is important to first purify it before you start wearing it. The easiest method to do this is to place the stone under running water for some time. When cleaning stones you ensure that unwanted vibrations are removed from the stone. It is therefore necessary to rinse the stone regularly during use. In addition to cleaning, the stone also needs to be charged. This way you give him the opportunity to convey energy. The easiest way to do this is to place it in sunlight for 24 hours or in the light of a full moon. When purifying and charging, pay attention to the sensitivity to water and heat of certain stones. It is also possible to program the gemstone. This means that a stone is used for a specific purpose. Give only one assignment to a stone, otherwise the chance of success is greatly reduced.
The stone works best when it can be in constant interaction with the wearer’s energy field. That is why it is ideal to wear it where the problem is. With some ailments this is not possible. Then put the gemstone on a pendant and wear it on your skin. You can also wear the stone on top of your clothing. This way you can protect yourself against negative influences from your environment. Occasionally taking a cuddly toy in your hand is also a good solution.
Gemstones give the body the power and energy to repair itself. The therapeutic effect of gemstones is based on the energy vibrations of these stones. By wearing it, the human aura, which also consists of energy vibrations, is positively influenced. A disease or complaint is usually caused by an abnormal frequency in the vibrations of an organ or place in the body. By wearing a certain stone, the complaints can disappear or be significantly reduced.
Gemstone therapy does not offer an absolute guarantee of healing, but because the stones do not cause any additional discomfort, they deserve a chance. Or not?

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