Figure and hairstyle

We gradually know that not every hairstyle suits a certain face shape. The fact that not every hairstyle suits a certain figure is something new. With these tips you can adjust your hairstyle to your figure and look radiant.


  • If you are short, you may prefer not to get a big haircut. A lot of volume can be too overwhelming for your look. And if you have too much volume on your head, you can look like a lollipop.
  • Big hair is better suited to curvy girls.
  • Also, too long hair is not an option for short women. This way you look even shorter.
  • What looks great if you are short is a short straight haircut or medium-length hair. If you want some volume, do it at the top of your hair and not at the bottom. After all, you want to look taller, not wider.



  • Tall women don’t have to look taller with their hairstyle. Therefore, avoid volume in the hair near your head.
  • Also, don’t get short spike haircuts if you are tall. Short hair looks better on short women. That looks sexy and feminine on them, while it can make you look masculine.
  • It is very beautiful to put your hair up if you are tall.
  • Long, wavy curls also look great on tall women.
  • Tall women are lucky, because they can wear basically any hairstyle.


Wide hips

  • If you are heavy at the bottom, long straight hair is not an option. That only draws attention downwards. You don’t want that, because it will make you look even wider.
  • If you have wide hips, it is very nice to make full curls in your hair. Add a tight top and the whole thing looks very trendy.
  • It is also nice to cut your hair in layers to just below your shoulders.


Big breasts

  • If you have large breasts and narrow hips, you should not get a short haircut or wear your hair up tightly. This way you can look like a pinhead.
  • Long wavy hair looks great on women with large breasts. Long curls make your breasts stand out in a neat way. If your hair is not long on its own, you can try extensions.
  • A messy updo also looks great.


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