Mix up your beauty supplies

The name says it all: lipstick is for your lips and eyeshadow for your eyes. But let’s forget that for a moment. Many beauty supplies can be used for multiple purposes. For example, your favorite lipstick can be a beautiful blusher, but your eye shadow in a brown-pink color also works well as a bronzer. There are many more options with your makeup. With these beauty tips it seems like you suddenly have a lot more makeup at home.

Mix your makeup


  • With pink or red lipstick you can create beautiful blushes on your cheeks. Put a little greasy lipstick on your fingers and rub it in well. If your lipstick is not greasy enough, mix it with a little Vaseline on your fingertips.
  • If you fancy a different color on your eyes, check your lipsticks! Apply a little lipstick to your eyelids with your fingertips. Don’t use too much or your eyelids will become too heavy. Apply the lipstick well outwards and you have a new ‘eye shadow’. Brown, copper, red, pink, purple, silvery gold all work well on your eyelids.



Is your mascara gone? Do not throw away the brush immediately. You can still use this to comb your eyebrows into shape or remove clumps of mascara from your eyelashes. First clean the brush in soapy water.

Eye shadow

  • Light brown, peach, red and pink shades of eye shadow are very suitable as blusher. You apply the eye shadow horizontally and blend it gently with a large blusher brush.
  • Do you want shiny cheekbones? And you don’t have a highlighter at home? Then you just use a super shiny eye shadow with a light undertone. The colors gold, lilac, pink and even blue or green work very well as a highlighter.
  • Do you want a shiny mouth, but hate sticky lips? Then put a little high gloss shadow on the center of your lower lip.


Eye pencil

Do you want to fill in your eyebrows, but you don’t have an eyebrow pencil at home? Then use a brown eye pencil and powder carefully with a powder puff, because eye pencils are a lot greasy and have a tendency to run.

Lip gloss brush

Source: Kaboompics Karolina, Pexels

Don’t throw away your lip gloss brush when you run out of lip gloss. You can still use the brush to apply eye shadow or glitter. Be sure to clean the brush first.

Lip liner

You can use this as an eye pencil: a purple or red line above your long eyelashes looks very trendy. By fading this with a cotton swab you get a very subtle effect.

Body glitter

If you wear your hair in a high ponytail, it’s sexy to scrunch some body glitter into the ends.

Mix well

The trick for new colors: mix everything you have at home. Cream-based lipstick and eye shadow can be mixed very well to create new colors. Mix all your powders into a new color palette. If you do this wet (using a damp eyeshadow brush) the color is even more intense. You can also apply greasy gloss or Vaseline over the dried powders.

Do not

Have fun with your makeup. Almost everything is possible except that nail polish is really only made for your nails. Applying lip gloss to your eyes is also not ideal, because it is far too sticky and your eyelids quickly feel heavy. Blusher on your mouth isn’t great either. Do you want to experiment on your lips? First grease your lips and then apply wet eye shadow to your lips so that the color is darker.

More than makeup

Some beauty products do more than make you beautiful. For example, clear nail polish ensures that the ladder in your tights does not get bigger and you can use your kohl pencil to quickly write something down.

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