Which slimming products are effective?

Slimming aids Alli (Xenical) and reductil are slimming aids that are effective. Obesity is a major problem in richer countries. The body is built to gain weight and food is offered in abundance. Some people gain weight faster than others, but after the age of 25, a large proportion of people start to gain weight. Many people therefore want to lose some weight, but losing weight is not that easy. There are slimming pills… Slimming pills to lose weight. Which ones really work? There are many people who would like to lose a few kilos, with or without the help of slimming products. There are also many people who would like to lose more than ten kilos. A smaller proportion are so seriously overweight that it adversely affects their happiness and (seriously) endangers their health. Women gain weight faster than men, they burn fewer calories than men and may eat less when dieting. Because women are built to carry, give birth and feed children, their bodies store fat more quickly as a reserve and it is more difficult to lose it than men. Women also need fewer calories to maintain their weight and if they need to lose weight, they can consume a lot fewer calories than overweight men.

Slimming aids

Slimming pills that help you lose weight are available in the Netherlands under the name: Xenical . This is currently (2015) the only medically recognized weight loss product that is permitted in the Netherlands. The active substance is Orlistat. Xenical is not reimbursed by health insurers. Orlistat comes in two doses. Xenical 120mg, Alli 60mg. It goes without saying that Xenical has a greater effect on weight loss.

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Weight loss aids

There are many different tools for losing weight. The most common ways to lose weight are of course: healthier eating, fewer calories, in combination with more exercise. However, by aids in this article I mean resources that you take, in the form of medicines. In recent years, several new slimming products have come onto the market to lose weight, and many products have been withdrawn from the market and can no longer be prescribed. Weight-loss drugs that were effective but had too many risky side effects include Teronac and Ponderal. These drugs caused (among other things) high blood pressure, problems with the heart valves, and sometimes anxiety and depression. Modern means for losing weight are Reductil and Orlistat (Orlistat as previously mentioned, known as Xenical or Alli). Read more about losing weight with Xenical or Alli in the article: Alli or Xenical

Alli, Orlistat, Xenical, good luck with losing weight

Xenica l (or orlistat) or Alli is a relatively new drug for obesity. Orlistat, available under the names Alli or Xenical, reduces the effect of the substances that cause fat to be stored in the body. A large part of the fat therefore ends up in the intestines and is not stored in the body. The result is that this fat is excreted through the feces, resulting in weight loss. Orlistat is prescribed in combination with a diet. If one eats too much fat, there are unpleasant side effects such as extreme diarrhea or even involuntary loss of stool. Xenical is prescribed to people who are significantly overweight and preferably only after they have already proven that they can stick to a diet.


Reductil or Sibutramine works on the feeling of hunger and inhibits it because the patient has the feeling of having eaten enough more quickly. Reductil affects the central nervous system and has adverse side effects on the heart and vessels. The drug should therefore not be used by people who suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems or glaucoma. Reducti l is also no longer available these days. It has been suspended and may therefore be available again in some time. They first want to do more research into the side effects.

Antidepressants and weight loss

Some antidepressants such as Prozac are claimed to have a beneficial effect on obesity, because they make the patient less hungry. This drug to reduce depression is therefore also prescribed for bulimia nervosa to curb binge eating.

HCG injections

HCG is a hormone produced by fetuses. It is extracted from the urine of pregnant women to make it an aid for conceiving. However, this is also used as a slimming aid. Very small amounts of HCG are administered (by injection). This is said to result in weight loss. However, this has never been proven. The drug Pregnyl is not actually intended for this purpose, and although it is officially prohibited to use medications for purposes other than those for which they were developed, HCG is still sold by some doctors and many clinics as a slimming treatment.

Reimbursement by insurers

Strangely enough, the official slimming drugs that do help you lose weight, namely Orlistat (Xenical) and Reductil, are not reimbursed by insurers.

Recent research on diet and exercise

Recent research has shown that weight loss is only successful if the person in question exercises for an hour every day. So, for example, if someone has managed to lose ten kilos, research has shown that a large proportion of these people are able to maintain their new weight if they exercise for an hour a day. If they don’t do this, the pounds will almost always come back. Losing weight permanently is quite difficult, but not impossible.

Why can some people eat anything without gaining weight?

Science states that there are indeed people who gain weight less quickly than others and who can therefore eat much more than others without gaining weight. There is no conclusive explanation (yet), as it is assumed that being overweight has health risks, but being slim does not, and that is why little research has been done into this. There are also people who gain weight faster than the average. One often sees several overweight people in the same families, or several people who are thin. Various factors are likely to be important in gaining weight faster: hereditary properties relating to the speed at which food is burned, size of the stomach, general body type, taste preferences, thyroid function, substances in the brain that stimulate the need for food, and so on. Depression and stress can lead to excessive eating, but also to loss of appetite.

Slimming products that work and/or are sold well

There is currently only one recognized drug available for treating obesity, and that is orlistat. Orlistat is an active substance that has been proven to help people lose weight if they want to lose weight. Orlistat is available in two doses. Alli 60 mg and Xenical 120 mg. The slimming products Obesimed and XLS-Medical are also popular in 2015 . Whether its effectiveness has been proven remains unclear. The fact is that these products are sold very well.

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