Detox, there is more than juices

Body cleaning is growing in popularity. Endowment or detoxification is a method with many variable procedures. In this article we discuss seven branches of medicine. Each with their own beliefs, methods and treatments, but with the same goal. Because there is more than just juices, there are plenty of options. Such as diets, teas and massages. The world of Detox at your feet (literally). Detox is more than just cleansing, it is the prevention of disease.


It’s full name is DETOXIFICATION, a thousands of years old method of cleansing the body. In medicine it is believed that the body can heal itself. A sick body means a malfunction in the body’s ‘system’. In other words, the natural balance is out of balance. The body is a large system with all the gears that fit together. If one fails somewhere or does not do its job sufficiently, the system fails.


Mental illness such as depression or anxiety is caused by improper functioning of cells. Disturbed production of neurotransmitters (message substances), the production is out of balance, the functioning is disrupted. Ingesting the daily chemicals and toxic substances that hang in the air or are in products is a major cause of many diseases.
We ingest hormone disrupting substances every day . Every year alone, 10,000 new chemicals enter the environment. And that’s a bit of an arrangement. If you think you live safely far away from the highway, the chemicals are in your own refrigerator or in your garden. Substances that are harmful to our body are all around us. We know about some, such as sprayed fruit and vegetables. But we don’t know about others. Such as hormones in tap water. And others we deny, such as impregnated wood, because it is easier for us to have wood that does not rot away. We would rather not know that the substances enter our body through contact with our hands. We cannot escape others either, they are in the air. We breathe them in and out.
By cleansing the body you remove those chemicals so that your body is back in balance. Of course, this does not mean that you will not get sick at all. But a healthy body is more resilient. And if a virus does enter, it
will heal faster and better than a body that is out of balance. Each type and remedy has its own treatment; It is absolutely not true that it can only be done with juices. There are enough different methods to choose one that suits your lifestyle. If you work in a restaurant, a juice cleanse may not be one of the obvious ones. But if you still want to do a detox treatment, you will have to look for other options. And fortunately there are plenty of them. Differences in composition and length and uses. We discuss seven of them, which are very diverse, effective and adaptable to everyone.


  • Belief : The body can heal itself in the right circumstances. And the body naturally wants to remain in balance (homeostasis) so that everything functions properly.
  • Methods : nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, massage, orthopedics, homeopathy, relaxation techniques.
  • Who : for the right treatment that suits you, go to a naturopath.

In naturopathy they believe in the healing power of nature, or Vis Medicatrix Naturea. This means that they think that the body is self-healing. A body out of balance gives symptoms such as a cold or fever. Naturopathy calls this a detoxification crisis. According to natural medicine, medications against these symptoms are counterproductive. They drive the toxins deeper into the body and damage body tissues. And that leads to more serious diseases developing. Detoxification or removal of toxins so that it comes back into balance is very important in natural medicine. Nutritional therapy is widely used for this. Diets and also juices are used here to defile.

Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Belief : according to this medicine, the body obtains nutrients from food and supplements are necessary for the recovery and functioning of damaged and weakened organs.
  • Methods : food program.
  • Who : an orthomolecular physician can draw up a food program for you, since everyone is biochemically different, you cannot do this yourself.

In theory, according to this medicine, the body does not need any additional nutrients if it functions optimally and does not contain any toxins. But toxins are in many things, many of which cannot be avoided. According to this medicine, proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and a number of chemicals from fruits and vegetables are necessary for good health. When the body comes under pressure from toxins, infections, emotions and radiation or illness, these nutrients are of enormous value.
You feed your body all the nutrients the body needs. You remove foods that cause irritations or allergies. And this way your body can function optimally. So here we also work with diets, but the list of what is not allowed becomes a little longer and you will eat some new things. This way you get to know food all over again.

Herbal medicine

  • Belief : According to this medicine, herbs are more powerful and effective than regular medicines.
  • Methods : dried herbs, herbal tea, tincture, fresh juices, capsules, ointment.
  • Who : An herbalist can tell you exactly which herbs are effective for you.

Each herb has its own properties. Are often also available in (health) stores. Herbal medicine is a very powerful form of naturopathy. For illness and symptoms there are herbs to best drive, cure. There are also herbs that strengthen or supplement the body. The use of herbs improves digestion and has a cleansing effect. And is a very good support for the self-healing of the body. As the word suggests, herbs are used a lot here. You can have a special herbal mix formulated that is specially adapted to your body.


  • Faith : here they work with oils that penetrate the skin and spread throughout the body via the blood circulation and lymphatic systems.
  • Methods : dilute essential oils and massage in, or add drops to the bath, or inhale through steam.
  • Who : Aromatherapists can help with choosing oils and their dosage. They are often also available in (health) stores.

The oils are extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits and trees. Each oil has its own therapeutic effect on certain organs or systems of the body. Examples of properties: detoxifying, stimulating, calming, analgesic , antibacterial, etc. the therapy is particularly good for the digestive and cleansing system. The oils are often used to bring relief from many ailments.


  • Belief : the hands and feet contain reflex points that are connected to organs and systems of the body.
  • Methods : pressing on the reflex points for 1 -2 minutes followed by massage.
  • Who : if you know the reflex points, it is easy to do it yourself.

Reflexology is specifically aimed at eliminating toxins. Practicing the points has a very stimulating effect on the blood circulation. It also works well through the nervous system; and thus provides relief from back pain.


  • Belief : Practicing pressure points promotes the flow of energy (qi).
  • Methods : Apply pressure to pressure points on the head with both index fingers and thumbs
  • Who : It is easy to do yourself once you know how to recognize a pressure point.

Acupressure is part of traditional Chinese medicine. The qi that flows through the body is stimulated, it can soothe pain and cure ailments. It relaxes muscles and improves blood and oxygen supply. Once you have identified the pressure points, stimulate the area that feels most uncomfortable to touch. Because this indicates accumulations. Pressing gently for about a minute will gradually remove the buildup. Make sure you apply even pressure to both sides of your head.

Traditional Chinese medicine

  • Faith : a balance between elements. True health can be achieved by living in harmony with the environment and the seasons.
  • Methods : living in harmony with nature and its seasons.

TCM (abbreviation) is a medicine that is more than 4000 years old. And is therefore one of the oldest in the world. By detoxifying in certain seasons, the energy level increases considerably. Chinese medicine works with the elements of nature and the seasons it brings. The five elements WOOD FIRE EARTH METAL WATER are of great importance.
But also the QI and the YING and YANG. QI is a Chinese concept for energy. It is an invisible vital force that exists in all things. Also humans, it nourishes body and mind. Good strong QI is necessary for good health. YING and YANG are better known. They are two opposites that are inseparable. They stand for many things. YING stands for dark, cool and passive. YANG stands for light, active, dynamic and energetic. They are complete opposites, but they can’t live without each other. They are the day and the night, water and fire, etc. According to this medicine, YING and YANG, QI and the 5 ELEMENTS can be found everywhere, including in the human body; his health and the life we live.
Below is a diagram of the 5 elements and everything associated with them.





















Is called







Late summer



Yin organ






Yang organs

Gall bladder

Small intestine










Parts of the body


blood vessels
















The best seasons for Detoxing are spring and autumn. In the spring it is also called spring cleaning. Autumn means getting ready for winter. Winter itself stands for hibernation and so the body is in a kind of rest position to survive the cold. Summer is simply too hot, the body needs everything to survive. Light detoxifying food is now possible.
Spring is a season that gives energy in itself. The sun provides extra vitamins so the body is at full strength. And therefore able to throw out all the toxins without weakening. A process that is quite intensive. It can be very tiring at first. It is therefore recommended to start on the weekend so that you can rest occasionally if necessary. That’s not possible on your first day at work. And that can be a major disappointment. There are long and short detox cures and they all have their own pros and cons.
Here are a few benefits they all have:

  • More energy
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Less bloated and less fluid retention
  • Less pain
  • Improved mental ability and memory
  • A feeling of rejuvenation in every area
  • Feeling of peace and tranquility
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