Tips for a beautiful head of hair

Beautiful, shiny hair like in the TV commercials. We all want that. But how can you give nature a helping hand if you are not blessed with a Hollywood-style head of hair? There are many tricks and tips to achieve a beautiful head of hair, without wigs or hair extensions. Full, shiny, healthy hair; that’s not just for models or actresses. Home remedies and hair products can go a long way. Waves, curls, blonde, longer, shiny…Make your choice.

Full and shiny hair

You make your hair firmer and fuller if you rinse the hair with a beaten egg. Simply wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with an egg. Be sure to wash this out with warm water, otherwise it can start to smell very bad. Eggs contain protein which strengthens the hair. Beer can be very useful for a nice shine. Also use this as a rinse and your hair will shine beautifully. You can also use vinegar diluted with water instead. You don’t have to rinse this out. At first it smells very bad, but when the hair is dry again the unpleasant odor disappears automatically.
Many of these ingredients are also used in cosmetic hair products. For the tough ones among us, it is also possible to rinse the hair with ice-cold water after washing. This causes the hair cuticles to close, resulting in a beautiful shine. This can be done in the shower, but of course also under the tap.


To make your hair blonder, you can rinse your hair with chamomile tea. Chamomile is also often used in shampoos to give the hair a summery blonde effect. You can also use lemon juice to bleach it. Apply this to your hair and sit in the sun with it. The combination of the sun and lemon juice will bleach the hair. Don’t do it too often as it can dry out your hair quite a bit.
Of course, a coupe de soleil can not only be made by a hairdresser, but also by the sun. It is not called ‘soleil’ (sun) for nothing. Moist hair in particular will be bleached by the sun. But be careful with this too, because the sun can also cause dry hair . There are also blond sprays for sale that can make the hair a shade lighter.

Wavy hair?

You do not have to immediately use a curling iron for this. If you have long hair, you can braid your hair at night. The next morning, you have beautiful curls. For better results, dampen the hair before braiding it. However, don’t make it too wet, because then the curls will fall out again in the morning. A hair gel, mousse or hair spray keeps the curls in shape longer. With small braids or buns, you can create beautiful little curls for a full head.

Want to grow faster?

Do you want longer hair, and preferably as soon as possible? Massage the scalp with your fingertips several times a day.
This stimulates blood circulation, which makes hair grow faster. You can also use your hairbrush for this. Rub the brush gently over the scalp using circular movements (not too hard).
Heat also makes hair, like nails, grow faster. That is why it grows faster in summer than in winter. Another way is to drip some lavender oil into your hairbrush. This stimulates hair growth and also makes your hair shine and smell nice!

Greasy hair

Massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth, but also makes it greasy. It is also not recommended for oily hair to wash the hair too often. This makes the hair, as it were, addicted to the shampoo and can no longer do without it. You can also first mix the shampoo with some water to make it less concentrated. You can also put some talcum powder in your hair in the evening. That absorbs some fat. Make sure you don’t have to leave the house afterwards, because talcum powder looks quite strange, especially on dark hair.

Dry hair

As described above, head massage makes the hair oilier. For dry hair it is of course a good way to make it less dry. Rub your hair with olive oil and let it sit for an hour. Then you wash it off again. There are also special conditioners for sale against dry hair. Furthermore, blow-drying, perming and dyeing your hair is not recommended. Furthermore, be careful with sunlight. This dries out the hair enormously. A cap, hair band or a bun where the hair ends are not exposed to the sun is useful to prevent this as much as possible.

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