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Sometimes that one friend really likes a certain hairstyle, but the same hairstyle suits you less well. This has to do with the shape of your face. That is why it is very useful to know what face shape you have. This way you can match your hairstyle, make-up, eyebrows and even your glasses to your face shape. Don’t know what face shape you have? With these tips you will know what your face shape is and what suits you best. So failed haircuts are now a thing of the past!

Determining your face shape

  • Stand in front of the mirror and make sure there is good light. Pull your hair back tightly into a ponytail. Is your hair too short? Then put a tiara in your hair to remove your hair from your face. Now you can see the shape of your face best.
  • Look straight into the mirror while you draw the contours of your face with an eye or lip pencil.
  • Take a step back so you can look at the lines. You may well recognize several shapes. Then choose the shape that you think suits your face best.


Heart shape

Adjust your makeup to your face shape / Source: Breakingpic, Pexels

Your face is widest at the sides of your forehead and narrows towards your chin.


  • A hairstyle where your hair ends just below your chin. The hairstyle may have some volume. Adding volume to your hairstyle where your face is narrower will enhance your face shape.
  • Avoid adding volume to the top part of your hairstyle or creating a center parting. This way you emphasize your narrow chin.

Make-up: Apply a little blusher to the outer point of your cheekbone and apply some highlighter to your jawline.
Eyebrow: Do not make angular arches of your eyebrows when plucking. Beautiful round arches emphasize the sweet shape of your face.
Glasses: Do not wear glasses with large frames.


Your face is widest at your jawline and narrows towards your jaw. A pear-shaped face shape is the inverse of a heart-shaped one.


  • Your eyes stand out when you wear your hair behind your ears. Choose a hairstyle with a lot of volume on the sides of your forehead.
  • Long full hairstyles emphasize your wide jawline, so this is not an option.

Make-up: Your eyes will look extra beautiful by using light and dark eye shadow. Apply the light color first and then the dark color above that.
Eyebrow: Pluck your eyebrows into a few straight arcs. This makes your face appear more oval.
Glasses: Choose a curved glasses frame. This makes your face appear less long.


Your jawline is almost as wide as your forehead. You probably have a high forehead and a narrow chin.

Time for a haircut? / Source: Kaleido-dp, Pixabay

  • Have your hair cut in layers. The layers soften your face shape. Curls also look great on a square face. Short and medium haircuts suit you best. Part your hair on the side when you make a ponytail. That gives your face a beautiful appearance.
  • Long hair and straight bangs make your face look even squarer.

Make-up: Your face will look less harsh if you apply a brownish blusher to your cheekbones. Brush the blusher diagonally onto your cheekbones. From the center of your ears to your jawline.
Eyebrows: An angular eyebrow makes the face appear less square.
Glasses: Round glasses make your face less square.


You have a round chin and jawline. Your face is as wide as your face is long. The widest point is at the height of your cheeks and ears.


  • A short haircut in layers looks great on your face shape. You can add peaks to your hair with wax, which looks very trendy. Long locks also suit a round face. But make sure that the strands fall just below your jawline.
  • Avoid choosing an extremely short haircut or lots of curls. If you wear your hair in a ponytail, your face will appear even rounder.

Make-up: Apply a beige blush to the side of your cheeks. Be careful not to apply the blusher too close to your nose, which will create a rounder effect.
Eyebrow: Eyebrows with a significant angle make your face less round.
Glasses: Straight or angular glasses make your face less round.


Glasses frame that fits your face / Source: Timbo84, Pixabay

Your jawline is slightly narrower than the width of your face at the level of your temples. You have sharp cheekbones. This is the ideal face shape.


  • Almost any hairstyle suits you. Long, short, curly, straight…
  • But hairstyles that cut your hair forward make your face appear rounder.

Make-up: To emphasize your eyes and cheekbones, apply some highlighter with pearl shimmer between your eyes and cheekbones.
Eyebrow: It doesn’t matter what shape your eyebrows have, because your face is oval, any shape suits you. Be sure to epilate stray hairs.
Glasses: Any glasses frame suits you.

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