Hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is easy to treat and it is very comfortable. In addition, you will not easily have a bad hair day if you have short hair. Many women still choose long hair. If you wash long hair it takes a lot of time for it to dry, but with short hair you just put a little gel in it and you are done with your hair. You can also create many other hairstyles with short hair. It’s just a matter of finding out what suits you best and what you find easiest!


Cut a bob? / Source: Kaleido-dp, Pixabay

One of the most famous short haircuts is the bob. If you have curly hair, it is a bit more difficult to cut a nice bob. Do you really want a bob? Then you have no choice but to straighten your hair. A bob with bangs is also very beautiful and looks chic.

  • To style your bob beautifully, first wash your hair.
  • Then blow dry it towel dry.
  • Then you put some mousse in it.
  • You divide your hair into several strands and blow-dry it further with a round brush.



Highlights give short hair a chic look and make it look funky. The highlights make it look like your short hair has been cut into even more layers. If you don’t like highlights, you can also opt for ombré hair. This looks great with a bob haircut.

Out-of-bed hair

If you have short hair, you wake up in the morning, style your hair with your hands and you’re done. Do you find this too sloppy for your taste? Then fix your hair with some gel or wax. You can also opt for hair spray if you don’t want a wet look.

Oblique parting

Make a diagonal parting and put some gel or hairspray in your short hair. To brighten things up a bit, you can put a nice pin in your slanting lock. This can be a black pin, so that the separation remains intact, or you can opt for a pin with a beautiful stone. This hairstyle looks elegant with a pair of beautiful round earrings.

To curl

Do you have curly hair and a short haircut? Then put gel or hair cream in your hair and play with your curls. This is how you achieve a beautiful wavy hairstyle. Don’t have curls? Make them yourself with a curling iron and then spray some hairspray on them. Try to get your hair into a good shape by ‘combing’ the strands in the right direction with your hands.


A tiara also works very well with short hair, especially if you want something different. You can buy a diadem in all kinds of colors and with different decorations. You can opt for a simple black diadem for the day and if you want to stand out a bit more, you can opt for a diadem with rhinestones or in a bright color.

Wispy bangs

Bangs look great with short hair and give your hair a little more oomph. If you opt for frizzy bangs with your short hair, you will immediately look a bit cooler. Do you already have a pony? Then put some gel in it and make the cool tufts yourself.

Small tail

A small ponytail looks sexy, sporty and feminine. You can secure the small strands that sprout with pins. Apply gel or wax to your hair so that the strands stay better in the elastic and spray some hairspray over the whole thing.

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