Quick beautiful hairstyles

Suppose you overslept. You have just enough time to get dressed, barely time for a shower and you’re having a bad hair day. As a fashionista you never leave the house without perfect hair, but how do you quickly do your hair when you have little time? When you go to work or school, you should of course look neat. With these six tips, your hair will look perfect within five minutes and no one will notice that you are having a bad hair day!

No greasy hair

You may not even have time to wash your hair anymore, then dry shampoo is the solution. Dry shampoo is a spray that produces white powder. The white powder absorbs the grease and makes your hair look fresh again. Don’t have dry shampoo at home? Then you can also use baby powder that you apply with a large make-up brush. Try to dab off the powder well so that you don’t have a white cast on your hair. Women with dark hair are more likely to suffer from this.

Put a hair band in your hair

Hairbands keep coming back as a hair trend. You can choose a headband with a bow on the side for a classic look or a headband with rhinestones for a striking look. Smooth your hair with a round brush and put a large hair band in your hair to hide your bad hair. If you find a headband with a large bow or rhinestones too striking, opt for a simple headband that matches your hair color. This way the headband blends with your hair and the whole thing looks elegant.

Make a messy bun

A messy bun is a hairstyle that you can create quickly. Bring your hair on top of your head and twist an elastic around your hair two or three times. Secure loose hairs with some pins and spray some hairspray on your bun. If you want a neater bun, you can choose to spray your hair in advance and use a hair donut.

Tip: It is very useful to have a nice hair band, elastic bands and hair pins at home. You need these hair accessories if you want a quick, beautiful hairstyle. It is also useful to have hairspray at home.


Make a chic ponytail

With the chic ponytail it is important that the hair on your head is tight. So first use an anti-frizz for curly hair. If you have straight hair, add a curl activating cream to get some waves in your hair. Then make a low tail. Grab a section of hair and twist it around the elastic so that you can no longer see the elastic. Secure the section with some pins.

Make a half tail

Tintin / Source: Gromovataya, Pixabay

A half ponytail is beautiful for both straight and curly hair. First create a center parting, then grab a section of hair at the front of your face and make a loose twist with the section. Do this on both sides. Then secure the two strands with a nice cut at the back of your head.

Forehead crest

This hairstyle is useful if you have bangs that are just too long, but this hairstyle is not useful for curly hair. Separate your bangs from your other hair and backcomb it first with a brush. Then comb the top part smoothly with a fine-toothed comb. Then secure the section of hair with some pins. Finally, spray it with some hairspray.

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