Beauty: Beautiful brown is not ugly

If you have put a lot of effort into building up a nice tan during the holiday, it would be a shame if you lost it in no time after the holiday. This is despite the fact that there are options to keep your tan longer. What can you do to keep the tan longer?

Scrub and lubricate

“Lubrication” may seem like the magic word, but it is not, because the top layer of skin cells goes through the normal cycle of being replaced by new skin cells over time. This is a natural process and cannot be stopped.
Scrub your skin well so that the dead top layer of skin cells is removed and the bottom layer, which is of course also brown, comes to the surface. This also shines much more and looks healthier. The brown now shows up much better .
After scrubbing, keeping the skin in good condition is very important. Of course you should always keep your skin in good condition, but since your skin has more or less taken a hit, adding moisture to your skin is very important .
Apply after scrubbing to maintain or increase moisture. If you also have a body cream in line with the body lotion used, use it. This is more suitable for dry skin.

Even more sun

If you encounter some nice days in the Netherlands, make sure that your skin is well moisturized. Just because your skin is brown doesn’t mean it can take it all. Lubrication remains important now.
A good protector before you go into the sun, continue to apply it in between and use a good after-sun afterwards is not an unnecessary luxury.


After a hot day in the sun, also in the Netherlands, a fresh shower is nice. It is best to take this shower without shower gel or shower slant, it only dries out your skin more. There are products that contain an oily substance (e.g. Nivea) and these provide some care, but a body lotion or oil after the shower is certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

Permanently brown

Permanent tan from a few weeks of sun abroad is a utopia. You can stretch it with good care, but the tan will disappear over time anyway.
The tan without sun products are an option, but there are few products that give a natural effect. The spray in the salon probably gives the best effect.
The tanning bed is the other alternative. Half an hour in the sunbed once a week is doable. Of course, the tanning bed also carries a risk, but with the right protection it is a good alternative. Just as continuing to apply sunscreen in the real sun is the best solution, this also applies to the sunbed. Special sunbed creams as protection for when you are in the sunbed and aftersun for after the sunbed. Most well-known brands with a sun line also have products for the tanning bed.

Beautiful brown is not ugly

Everyone has their own preference in terms of skin color and some people still think lily white is the most beautiful and others prefer to see themselves or their partner as deep brown. However, a well-done tan from the sun or tanning bed ages the skin quickly and no longer produces a natural result. Without realizing it, you may have become a caricature of yourself. Also try to keep this process in balance for your skin and for yourself.
Good luck and lots of sun!

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