Sex and Color – What does your favorite color say about your sex life?

Color or color preference has a meaning in relation to sexuality and sex. What does your favorite color say about your sex life? Research into the psychological meaning of colors shows that the preference for a color says something about properties, attitude to life, emotion and experience; also your sexual experience. Is red, blue, yellow, green or purple your favorite color? Is it orange, pink, brown, black, gray or white? What does your favorite color say about sex and your sexual experience?

Sex and Color Meaning – What Your Favorite Color Says About Sex Sexuality and Your Sex Life

Favorite Color – Sexual Experience . If you find it difficult to indicate your favorite color or choose between certain colors, it is best to look at what color pattern there is in your color choice in a broad sense. Think not only of clothing, for example, but also the interior of your house, colors in favorite paintings, accessories, your car, colors that make you feel comfortable, etc. You can also select the first color you think of or that you imagine. you see choices when you close your eyes.
Note: Although black and white are not officially colors (sometimes called uncolored colors), they are referred to as colors in this article.

Sex and Sex Life – Favorite Color – Color Preference Red

Color Red and Sexuality . Men and women who have red as their favorite color are ardent lovers, very passionate and can go crazy in bed. They enjoy sex in all possible positions and places, in any place and in any way you can imagine. They have little to no genes when it comes to sex and eroticism; they make love often, happily and intensely. Red lovers are sexually willing and easy to seduce or conquer in bed. People with a color preference for red often have enormous sexual energy and when they have strong feelings for their sex partner, they often can’t get enough, which can involve extensive and hours of intense sex. When both sex partners have red as their favorite color, this applies doubly. The sexual tension and eroticism is not uncommon; an erotic or porn film is nothing like it. In that case, a good firm bed and sound insulation from the neighbors are really not an unnecessary luxury. The red lovers are sexually fanatical and energetic, which can sometimes be too aggressive, attacking and overwhelming for people who prefer weaker colors, mixed colors or pastel colors. The red sex partner must therefore take the other person seriously; tailor the eroticism and sex to the sex experience, needs and energy of the person they sleep with and do not overrule their love partner with their intense and red-hot sex needs.

Sex and Sex Experience – Favorite Color – Color Preference Yellow

Color Yellow and Sexuality . People who have yellow as their favorite color can be sexually variable. Their state of mind, mood or mood can strongly color their sexual experience and sexuality. Yellow lovers are cheerful, sparkling, full of life, sociable and love to talk during sex. In general, they find sleeping together or having sex pleasant and enjoyable, but they will not easily surrender completely to intense lovemaking, nor will they be able to let themselves go or enjoy it to the fullest. They have a somewhat superficial, intellectual approach and processing of feelings. The yellow sex partner does not have such a strong sex drive. This means, among other things, that they will not quickly take the initiative to have sex. As a sex partner, they will usually not be dominant, but will meet or adapt to the erotic and sexual wishes of the stronger partner. They can easily be warmed by the other person’s lust, often enjoy being decorated and conquered and can sometimes be lyrical when they make love with someone they admire. The person with yellow as their favorite color often has many, but few in-depth contacts and can be quite jealous or envious. Yellow often (more often than average) turns out to be the favorite color of homosexual people.

Sex and Sex Experience – Favorite Color – Color Preference Blue

Color Blue and Sexuality . Men and women who have blue as their favorite color can be very good sex partners and lovers. They are sensitive to their partner’s sexual needs and often sense them intuitively. They respect each other during lovemaking. Both the blue male and female sex partners are based on faith and trust, can be entranced and are very expressive, sensual, erotic and exciting. Blue lovers love lovemaking and sex with passion, but not in a wild, but in an elegant way. Blue sex partners are able to go with the flow and let their love flow, going along with the waves of their physical, sexual, sensual and emotional feelings. They understand the art of sexual communication. Women with a favorite color blue can enjoy sex deeply and to the best, more than all other women with a different color preference. Both men and women with a blue preference find foreplay and nice cuddling or afterplay just as important – possibly more important – than sex in the sense of sexual intercourse and necessarily having to come. A blue partner will be very reliable and faithful in a relationship, as a friend, buddy and lover and will not (or will not quickly) commit adultery or have sex with someone else, because his or her own partner is too dear to him or her.

Sex and Sex Life – Favorite Color – Color Preference Green

Color Green and Sexuality . Men and women with a green color preference have an emotional approach to sex and sexuality and an active inner emotional life, but they will not easily show or reveal this. As a green lover, women can continue to be sexually modest and somewhat virginal in making love, even if they have had sexual contacts for years. The green male sex partner is charming, appears somewhat sexually clumsy, reserved and inexperienced. Green lovers, both male and female, are (maternally) nurturing by nature and very friendly. They often have a feeling of satisfaction, are optimistic, confident and find harmony in life important, including in their sex life. Green lovers find sex with tenderness more important than passionate or fiery sex. Green lovers are often impressionable, critical, oversensitive and can quickly slump, especially if their sex partner does not take their sexual vulnerability into account. They may fear rejection. Partners with a preference for the color green need security, are sometimes a little too dependent, but are very reliable and faithful. They will not easily enter into sexual contact with others, but often remain faithful to their own partner sexually, mentally and emotionally.

Sex and Sex Experience – Favorite Color – Color Preference Purple

Color Purple and Sexuality . Lovers of purple, and especially blue-purple (blue-violet), are fairly open and honest in their sexual experiences. Purple lovers are intuitive, idealistic, have a tendency towards mysticism and are spiritually inclined. They also try to experience spirituality in their sex lives, which can sometimes lead to being too pompous, euphoric or vague about sex. This can sometimes be at the expense of simply enjoying good lovemaking or physical pleasure. Purple lovers can sometimes aim too high, be too concerned with growth and development and therefore not fully experience the sexual experience in the present. Couple lovers can suffer from commitment problems and for this reason sometimes shield or rationalize their emotions. One purple sex partner can be oversensitive and the other manipulative. Although people with a preference for purple are actually altruistic, they also do this from their own interests.
Lovers of red-purple (red-violet) are very sensitive to atmosphere and mood in the sexual field. The way they make love and their sexual needs strongly depend on this; depends on influences from the environment, from the other person and their own mood or state of mind. Purple lovers are modest, peace-loving and sacrificial, so their own sexuality and eroticism can sometimes remain too much in the background. Both male and female couple lovers are a bit (too) passive and dependent and have a strong hunger for security and safety as a basis for their sex life.

Sex and Sex Life – Favorite Color – Color Preference Orange

Color Orange and Sexuality . Men and women with orange as their favorite color are emotional people with a need for earthly pleasures and a desire for refined sensory pleasures, which is also expressed in sex and sexual experience. They are sexually energetic, possess vitality and sexual power, and are often creative and optimistic. A less pleasant trait of (unbalanced) orange lovers may be their egocentrism. The tendency to want to experience all the pleasures in life without taking too much into account of others. Orange lovers often find foreplay just as important as the sexual intercourse or act itself. Orange lovers are quiet and take their time, but can sometimes be lazy, even in bed. Some lovers of the color orange have sexual fantasies that they do not express. They do like to whisper sweet and horny words and say all kinds of things. The lovemaking itself and what is said is not always free from drama and can sometimes even be overdone or resemble a theater piece. Sometimes they seem to be playing an erotic role in a movie in bed and are more focused on the outside or external effects than on being emotionally and essentially involved in sex or making love together. It is very important for the orange sex partner to be seen as great in bed, or at least they like to appropriate this image for themselves. Conversely, orange lovers can very well fake an orgasm or sexual pleasure to give the other person the feeling of being great in bed.

Sex and Sex Life – Favorite Color – Color Preference Pink

Color Pink and Sexuality . People with pink as their favorite color can appear more exciting, sensual or erotic on the outside than they actually are on the inside. They seem to be very free and direct, for example they often make sexist jokes or sexual innuendos. They love teasing flirting and seduction, understand the art of seduction very well, but promise more than they can or want to give, especially the female pink lovers. The male pink lovers are often players and can also flirt intensely, which often does not stop at just flirting with one person. Multiple flirtations in one evening are not uncommon and every flirt comes across as very serious and convincing. Adult men and women who like pink can sometimes deal with sex in an almost adolescent way. Sometimes they use sex to get something else done and sex is actually more of a means than an end. But when they really love someone deeply, feel an intense love, they can be exciting and essentially exciting in bed and it goes deeper than a seduction game or flirt act. People who like pink need to remain fascinated and captivated by their sex partner, otherwise there is a good chance that they will not be very loyal lovers.

Sex and Sex Experience – Favorite Color – Color Preference Brown

Color Brown and Sexuality . Men and women who have brown as their favorite color are loving and warm towards their partner, also sexually. They always take the other person’s feelings, wishes and needs into account during sex or lovemaking. The brown sex partner is trustworthy, honest, earthy, loves simplicity, security and gaining security. Tan lovers find caressing, cuddling and touching each other very important and can be very romantic. They love walking together in nature or cozying up by the fireplace, having an extensive dinner or other earthly pleasures. People with a brown color preference experience sex and sexuality mainly as a warm and loving expression of affection and enjoy it in a quiet way. For them, sex does not necessarily have to be passionate or intense. Both male and female tan lovers need time for their lovemaking. This can sometimes cause feelings of impatience with a sex partner who has a different color preference. Brown lovers can also be perceived as civil, boring, cumbersome or static by more passionate sex partners (e.g. the color red). Two brown lovers go very well together, will feel each other well and have a satisfying sex life.

Sex and Sex Life – Favorite Color – Color Preference Black

Color Black and Sexuality . Men and women who have black as their favorite color tend towards penetrating, intense, exciting, exciting and/or deviant sex and are not fond of the standard positions and everyday sex experiences. They seek sexual intensity, even or especially when they are sad or unhappy, where sex can serve as comfort and as a kind of elixir of life. At these kinds of moments or in these black moods they sometimes reach the highest pleasure and sexual highlights. They like the mysterious, the sinful (according to others) and the hidden. Some black lovers like kinky sex, erotic challenge, perverse games and sometimes love play that can be sadistic or masochistic in nature. Black lovers are often sex partners with a strong need for sensuality and sex, both in terms of quality and frequency. Black lovers are profound, dare to take emotional risks and show themselves completely, if they have a sex partner who really accepts them as they are and they feel essentially understood by the other. Once a black lover is sure of his or her (love) partner, he or she can count on loyalty, adoration and an intense bond and connection.

Sex and Sex Experience – Favorite Color – Color Preference Gray

Color Gray and Sexuality . Men and women who have gray as their favorite color are often people who are somewhat indecisive and cannot or dare not reveal their colour. The sexual drive of both sexes is not filled with passion and emotion; the lovemaking is more like buddies or in the worst case a rational happening that is just part of it. Gray lovers have difficulty exposing themselves, both emotionally and erotically or sexually. They hate obligations and ties, need clarity, want to know where they stand, do not get excited or overwhelmed easily and do not let go easily. The gray male sex partner will not always be romantic or sensual sexually or in terms of sexual approach, but will sometimes experience sex more as lust, release or a way to get rid of tensions by means of a quick fuck. Foreplay and afterplay do not often occur in their sexual repertoire. Female gray lovers generally do not have a very strong sexual need or erotic drive. They will sometimes have sex or rather allow sex to please or please their partner or see sexuality as a marital obligation. However, people who have gray as their favorite color can be very loving, but this will not be so strongly reflected in their sexual life. Gray lovers often have a long-term commitment or relationship and are generally satisfied if they are a buddy with their partner and can live together peacefully.

Sex and Sex Life – Favorite Color – Color Preference White

Color White and Sexuality . Men and women with a preference for white love purity and cleanliness and look for the pure, which also applies to sexuality, sex and their sex life. White lovers need tension-free and pure sex. They do not like roughness, too intense sexual quests or experiments, but most enjoy cuddling, quiet lovemaking and positions that are not too deviant or spectacular. People with white as their favorite color can be somewhat puritanical or prudish in sexual matters and sometimes also suffer from the same. Some white lovers prefer to have sex in the dark without too much erotic fuss and avoid sexy lingerie, for example. According to them, sex in the ordinary, pure way should be enough and tenderness and emotion play an important role. White is often associated with purity, innocence and virginity, which is also reflected in the sexual experience of the white lover. For example, they also tend to wash or shower before and after sexual intercourse and generally do not lie naked in bed (more and more often than men and women with a different color preference). Talking openly and extensively about sex and sexuality will not be easy or quick for someone with white as their favorite color. They will also have difficulty calling the intimate body parts, the male and female genitals, directly by name. White lovers do not like to be seen as good Hendrik by others, because they do not have this feeling at all. As far as they are concerned, it simply stems from the need for the pure and pure.

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