The abdomen during pregnancy

You used to work really hard in the gym on your abdominal exercises to reduce your belly and conceal your belly, but when you are pregnant you are proud of your belly and you want to show it off. Round bellies, pointy bellies, high bellies, low bellies, what does this say about your pregnancy? And what should you take into account with a pregnant belly?
If you do a small study of pregnant bellies, you will soon discover that no two bellies are the same, and that the size of the belly says relatively little about the child inside. One person can no longer close their pants after 8 weeks, the other is still happily frolicking around in her old pants at 16 weeks.

Big belly, big baby?

The size of the abdomen says something about the size of the abdomen, but to really be able to say something meaningful about this you have to examine the abdomen. During an examination by the midwife, the position of the baby, its growth compared to the previous visit, the amount of amniotic fluid and the weight of the baby are also examined.
Taller women often appear to have small bellies , but that is a deception. After all, they have more space to hide the baby. In smaller women, the abdomen quickly grows against the ribs, making them appear to have a larger abdomen.
When the baby lies at the front, on top of the organs, the abdomen is usually also larger.

Stomach complaints

Many pregnant women suffer from ailments such as back pain, pelvic complaints and frequent urination . The latter is because the uterus comes to rest against the bladder at some point. However, not all pregnant women suffer from typical pregnancy ailments . Although women with a larger stomach appear to suffer from complaints more often. Logically, the other muscles have to make more effort to keep the abdomen in place.

The pregnant belly and sex

have sex and have sexual intercourse during pregnancy . Some women actually have an extra desire for sex because of the raging hormones. Some men even find their wife extra attractive now that she is pregnant with his child. However, you may also be afraid of damaging the baby, but this is completely unjustified. You can have sex with each other until just before giving birth. You’ll just have to be a little more creative when it comes to sex positions. Spooning is a good alternative to the classic position where the man lies on top of the woman.

Stretch marks

It is unfortunately an unavoidable problem: stretch marks, or thin red-blue cracks in your skin as a result of the skin expanding. The lines you see are small scars that become lighter and more inconspicuous with time. You can limit the damage to some extent by gently massaging your skin to ensure good blood circulation. Wearing a belly band can also provide the necessary support.

Beliefs or truth?

  • If your belly is shaped like a watermelon, you are having a daughter
  • If your belly is shaped like a football, you’re having a son
  • A girl grows in a high-carried belly, a boy in a low-carried belly
  • A sensitive belly button indicates a girl
  • If your buttocks grow considerably during your pregnancy, you can already stock up on the pink mice
  • Nausea means a girl


Plaster belly: permanent reminder of your stomach

Many women look back on their pregnant belly with nostalgia afterwards. By making a plaster belly you create a beautiful memory of your pregnant belly. Making a plaster belly is not difficult but it does give a stunning result.

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