Fresh autumn wardrobe

Often summer has not yet ended and the stores are already full of autumn clothing. All those new clothes make you spontaneously want to buy, but does it all fit in your wardrobe? Because you keep buying more and more, it is useful to take a good look at your wardrobe. With a tidy wardrobe you have a better overview of all your clothing items and you can put together better clothing combinations. This way you won’t have to stand in front of the cupboard for so long! Cleaning out your closet is not a job that you can complete quickly. Choose a day off and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be boring. Ask a friend to help you and have a fun day together.

Clean out the closet

When clearing out your closet, it is best to make four piles.

Clothes that you wear every day

First consider what clothes you wear every day. These are the clothes you feel good in and you can keep this pile.

Clothes you haven’t worn in a long time

Everyone keeps clothes that are no longer worn. The clothes are old, too small, too big or out of fashion. But you still tell yourself that you will wear that one sweater again. As a rule, you can set yourself that clothes that you have not worn in more than 1.5 years must be thrown away. Do you want to be sure that you don’t get rid of unnecessary clothing? Then try it on again, then your girlfriend will also come in handy.

Clothing that is broken or has other defects

Clothes that have holes or are washed out and can no longer be repaired can be thrown away immediately.

Clothes that you want to keep, but need to be repaired

In addition, you have clothing that you want to keep, but has a missing button, a broken zipper or a stain. Set this pile of clothes aside so that you can repair the clothes or take them to the dry cleaners on a quiet afternoon.

Clothing that needs to go

You can take clothes that are still beautiful to a second-hand store or you can make a friend, sister or niece happy with them. Another way to get rid of your clothes is to put your clothes on an auction site. You can earn a nice bit of money with that.

Tidy up the closet

Before you tidy up your cupboard, it is nice and fresh to vacuum your cupboard and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Hanging and laying items

You can then decide which clothes you want to hang and which clothes you will make into piles. It is better to leave frivolous tops and dresses hanging, so that they do not wrinkle much and go out of shape. This also applies to jackets and cardigans. It is better to fold shirts, vests, jeans and skirts into piles.

Other clothing

It is more convenient to use baskets, storage boxes or drawers for socks, underwear, bras, tights, leggings and scarves. You can easily store baskets and storage boxes at the top or bottom of the cupboard.

To sort

You can also sort clothes in different ways.

  • Some people find it useful to hang frequently worn clothes at the front of the closet and place them at the top of the piles. Occasional clothing is more likely to be hung at the back of the closet.
  • The other finds it more convenient to sort clothes by color. From black to gray, blue, green, yellow, white, pink, orange, red, brown.
  • It is also useful to sort clothing by type of clothing and sleeve length. So all skirts next to each other regardless of color, all short sleeve shirts together and all long sleeve shirts together.
  • You can also sort clothes by season. Skirts, tops, dresses together for the summer. Wool sweaters, jackets and long trousers together for the winter.

Think carefully about which method of sorting works best for you, so that your wardrobe remains tidy.

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