Facts about the penis

Nowadays, most men wish for a large penis. but for the ancient Greeks a small one was the ideal. Just look at the statue Michelangelo made of David. His penis is only a few centimeters. The ancient Greeks were satisfied with this because they liked modesty and therefore controlled dimensions. A large penis was even perceived as disgusting and beastly. Nowadays things are different. A little piece of facts about the man’s penis.

The size doesn’t matter

This is of course not entirely correct because if a man has an extremely small penis, sex becomes more difficult. The same applies if a man has an extremely large penis. It is true that the man with a large penis is often bad in bed. These are often so impressed with their member that they think that their penis does the work. Men with a smaller penis are better in bed because they often use their smaller penis more creatively than just in and out.
There are also more women who complain about a penis that is too large than about a penis that is too small.
During an erection, the average penis is 12.5 cm. With less than 9 cm in an erect state it becomes more difficult to satisfy another person. And less than 6 cm it becomes much more difficult and men will have to be really creative.
You actually don’t need that much length, because there is little to do with a penis high up inside the vagina.

Penis extension the solution for insecure men?

Nowadays it is fashionable, if you are not satisfied with your penis, to have it lengthened or to inject some fat into it so that it becomes a bit thicker. But really extending it is impossible. It cannot be put on, nor can it be stretched. What is done with penis enlargement is that it is ‘as if’ dug out. The penis hangs below the pubic bone. If the connective tissue is cut away, the penis will hang a little lower between the balls, making it look like it is a little bigger, while in fact nothing has been done about it. Most men are also not happy with the result, they probably expected more.

Men with long fingers have a long penis?

This is of course not true, it is a myth. The same applies to men with large hands or feet.
It is true that the bigger the man is, the more likely he is to have a slightly larger penis than someone who is small. And bigger men also have bigger hands. It would be strange if a small man had huge hands and you could tell how big his penis is.

African men have the largest

This is right. Africans are generally larger than, for example, Europeans and North Americans. So on average they also have a larger penis. The same applies to Asians who have the smallest penis on average. These are all genetic factors that make this happen.

Is the male gender in danger?

No that’s not true. It is true that it is becoming increasingly common for something to go wrong with the male genitals. there are more and more undescended testicles, increasing infertility and decreasing length of the penis. Which is now on average 2 cm shorter than eighty years ago.


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