Why men pay for sex

For most men, seeking out a prostitute means nothing. And women should only worry if the man is cheating. The services of a prostitute have nothing to do with love, they say, it’s just about sex.
One in four men has ever used a prostitute. This could be a window prostitute, call girl or a chic club. So there’s a good chance that you’ve shared your bed with a whoremonger before. This proves that not only dirty old men seek out prostitutes, but that they are often also normal, decent and attractive men.

Why go to a prostitute?

There are so many reasons why men would go to a prostitute, but I will list a few:

  • because they want to have fun every now and then and don’t want to cheat on their girlfriend.
  • because they have been out and want something fun to end.
  • because their girlfriend is away for the weekend and he wants to try something like this once in his life.
  • because it is exciting.
  • because they have relationship problems and still want sex.
  • because their girlfriend does not want to do something sexually (e.g. blowjobs) and they still want this.
  • because they no longer have sex at all in their existing relationship.

Paid sex often has nothing to do with falling in love, although many women will think differently about that. This is because men and women view sex differently. It is almost always necessary for a woman to be in love and to feel a bond with the person she is sharing a bed with. Men mainly see going to prostitutes as a business transaction. You buy a service from a prostitute and then that’s it.

No whining afterwards

Most men feel better with a nice spontaneous prostitute than with a stunning prostitute. They often feel very insecure and uncomfortable with a very beautiful woman, but they do feel comfortable with a less beautiful woman. That is why the nice women have more customers than the beautiful women.
For men it is often an ideal solution to go to the whores. Especially if he just wants to try something out or have sex more often. They go to the whores, they have sex the way they want. Then the bill comes and they are done. So no hassle afterwards about women falling in love, late-night text messages and so on. No one finds out and talks their mouths off.

5 more reasons why men pay for sex

  • Because prostitutes respond to the needs of the man, e.g. if they want a blow job, they get a blow job.
  • They are not rejected by a prostitute.
  • To boost his self-confidence, a prostitute will never say that he is nothing in bed.
  • For the tenderness and the listening ear.
  • Because their own partner does not want to perform some sexual acts.
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