Enjoy the now, how do you do that?

It is not surprising that worrying and planning is part of your daily life when you consider that every person has about forty to sixty thousand thoughts per day. These thoughts are always about the past or the future, but rarely about the present. A waste of time, because the past is gone and the future is yet to come. More and more people are falling under the spell of ‘mindfulness’, which means: living in the now. Below are seven tips for living more in today’s life.

Tip 1: The autopilot

We can get through 99% of the day without living ‘in the now’. Many of our actions are on autopilot. When we drive to work, we sometimes don’t know afterwards which road we took or what we saw along the way, which song was on the radio, etc. And so the day is full of automatic actions that occur every day. During these automatic actions, our thoughts wander to other things, which means you cannot enjoy what you are doing at that moment.
Try to think 3 to 4 times a day about the thoughts you have at that moment and what you are doing. Bring your attention back to what you are doing. This could be cooking, for example. Try to do this with your full attention on cooking, without already thinking about the next steps in your head.

Tip 2: Eating without paying attention

Before you know it, you can have eaten half a bag of chips on the couch that evening without even thinking about it. It often goes exactly the same with dinner and lunch. Sometimes you don’t even remember what it tasted like afterwards. It has been proven that conscious eating is healthier, you therefore need less food to become satiated, unfortunately it is true that while eating your thoughts have plenty of room to run in all directions.
Don’t try to do anything else while eating. Turn off the TV and radio and sit down quietly to eat. Taste every bite and only take the next bite when your mouth is empty. If you consciously eat, you will also notice that it tastes better.

Tip 3: In conversation

When you are talking to someone, it may happen that what you are told does not even get through to you. You quickly find yourself thinking ahead about what you want to say instead of just listening. Try to listen to what your conversation partner is saying. Look at him/her and try not to let your thoughts get ahead of you. Try to empathize with your conversation partner’s story as much as possible.

Tip 4: Worry

Sometimes it happens that you cannot sleep at night because your thoughts are still busy with 1001 things. The more you are concerned with those thoughts, the bigger these thoughts become and the less you can sleep. This is often because you are so busy with daily problems and activities that you are completely absorbed by them.
Try to stop the nightly thinking by returning your thoughts to yourself. Become aware of your body lying on the mattress and feel your breathing. Feel each part of your body touching the mattress and try to make yourself heavier. You will notice as you become more practiced in this that your mind becomes a bit calmer.

Tip 5: With your new lover

A night out with your new love? Often you are only concerned with yourself. “Will he like me, does my hair look good, do I give the right answers, etc. etc. Your head is occupied by the question of what he will think of you. You often become extra negative towards yourself,” My hair doesn’t look nice, I give boring answers, etc.
Is it worth ruining your date with these kinds of thoughts? No of course not. So try to let go of these thoughts and enjoy the moment you are together. Become aware of your environment, what it smells like and what you are doing. By shifting your attention to the now, you have no chance of being carried away by your negative thoughts. And women who do not think negatively about themselves appear confident, and that in turn creates attraction.

Tip 6: Be kind to yourself

One moment you wake up cheerfully and the next moment your mood can drop far below zero. Your new jeans no longer fit, and when you look in the mirror you see many more things that you don’t like about yourself.
Women often set far too high standards for themselves. Not only in terms of appearance, but also the performance you have to deliver and the friend you have to be. They want to do it all perfectly. No wonder that sometimes you don’t like it anymore.
Concentrate on your breathing and say encouraging words to yourself. Also ask yourself whether it is really worth ruining your mood every day with things that you don’t like about yourself. No one is perfect, so try to focus on the things you can do well.

Tip 7: Sadness, pain, anger and fear

It can sometimes happen that you are alone at home, and suddenly sadness strikes. Or you come home from work, put down your bag and notice that you are completely cramped and everything in your body hurts. But there are always moments when you don’t always feel happy or when things happen that make you sad.
Try to accept these things. It’s part of life. Take time to feel sadness or to notice which parts of the body feel tense. The feeling or pain will not diminish, but the negative attention surrounding it will.

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