Beauty: Extend eyelashes

We can change everything about ourselves, so it was only a matter of time before the eyelashes were also turned. There are different ways to give an extra accent to the eyelashes. Extending is one of them. The eyelashes are functionally important for the face, the eyes. But the eyelashes are also, in the entire picture of the eye, the eye-catcher of the face. That is why makeup is always done to the eyes. If it is not a beautiful eye shadow color, then it is the too light and/or short eyelashes that are given the desired deep color with a mascara and optically lengthened.
But a beautiful eye with very short or thin eyelashes lacks just the finishing touch. Now there are mascaras that lengthen the eyelashes slightly or at least give the idea that the eyelash is a bit longer and all kinds of things can be done about the color, but if you have very short and/or thin eyelashes then you will find this about generally not beautifying.
If it bothers you so much that you want to have something done about it, there are options.

Plastic eyelashes

Of course, plastic eyelashes that you stick on the edge of your upper eyelid have been around for years. A large strip or just a border on the outside of your eyelid to create long dark eyelashes. However, this must be done very carefully to avoid a fake effect. In addition, you have to remove them before going to sleep and put them on again every day, so it is a time-consuming job. There is another solution: extension.

Eyelash extension

The extension of the eyelashes that the beautician applies is different. Small loose artificial eyelash hairs are placed between your own eyelashes. The beautician very carefully sticks this line between your own eyelashes. This results in longer and fuller eyelashes that have the deep desired color (they come in black, brown and blue) and can last. Do not touch your eyelashes or put make-up on your eyes for the first 24 hours. Also be careful with water in the shower during the first few days.
Mascara is no longer necessary but should not be used as it must be removed before going to sleep and the oil-based remover can cause the eyelashes to loosen. To give your own eyelashes an equally deep color, it is advisable to have your own eyelashes dyed. Depending on the quantity, you will spend approximately €100.00 for painting and applying the eyelashes.

Renew yourself

There are also sets for sale to extend the eyelashes yourself, but to do this properly you have to be very handy. An accompanying CD-ROM with explanation does not mean that you will be able to do it yourself. A complete set costs around €80 and additions in the form of glue and eyelashes cost between €7.00 and €15.00.

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