The baby doll and the hot pants, they are still there!

The baby doll was extremely popular as nightwear for a while and then virtually disappeared. The baby doll is now back and can be found in abundance on the shelves. Hot pants, the short, tight-fitting pants, have had a similar history, but as shorts and in lingerie lines, hot pants are back again.


Baby doll

For those who are not familiar with the name and the item of clothing babydoll, the babydoll is a kind of nightgown without sleeves and narrow straps over the shoulders, short (until mid-thigh) and loose-fitting. Usually made of lace and some small bows or other small embellishments.

Hot pants

The hot pants were the answer to the increasingly shorter mini skirt. Fashion designer Mary Quant thought it could be even shorter with the tight hot pants. The pants fit tightly against the body, have no legs but are sometimes even cut up. When introduced, the hot pants were made of velvet, among other things, completely in keeping with the times. A mid-length skirt was often worn with the hot pants with a very high slit at the front. This made the pants clearly visible.

Peak popularity

Baby doll

The baby doll was introduced in the 1960s and the peak of its popularity was in the 1960s and 1970s. Many famous female pop artists were featured in the baby doll. The baby doll was subsequently pushed into the background for years, but since lingerie can be seen again, the baby doll has also returned.
The babydoll is now less girlish and more sexy with woven cups, spaghetti straps and semi-sheer.

Hot pants

Hot pants were introduced in the late 60s and early 70s and all young women wore them. Usually in combination with the open skirt, with the older teenagers wearing high boots.
Strangely enough, hot pants disappeared completely before the mid-1970s. Since the mid-90s, tight shorts have returned. Not to the extent that it was in the early 1970s, because the pants wear on very quickly and not every woman feels comfortable with this.

Dress babydoll

The babydoll is nightwear, but every now and then a babydoll dress for daytime appears in a line. The design is almost identical to the nightwear and if it is worn during the day, then especially for young girls.

Hot pants lingerie

The bottoms have been completely adopted as lingerie bottoms. The thong is much less popular and the tight, lace, slightly cropped bottoms are making a comeback. The hot pants are a clear predecessor of these pants.


If you follow the history of clothing styles, most clothing returns over time. The baby doll and hot pants are back in the lingerie lines.

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