Energy according to traditional Japanese medicine

Just like the Chinese, energy is the basis of everything that exists. To promote the circulation of life energy, the Japanese use martial arts, shiatsu, reiki and physical exercises such as Do-In.


In Japanese, the life energy is called Ki. The main energy center is located in the abdomen, below the navel and is called Hara. At this point the veins and the 12 meredians, called kei in Japanese, come together.


This is a massage technique in which pressure is applied with the fingers. The aim of this is to restore the ki balance in parts of the body where it is needed. You will be treated lying down with your clothes on. The pressure points or tsubos are approximately the same as the acupoints in acupuncture. The diagnosis is made by intuitive touch, usually from the Hara. Shiatsu helps with fatigue, stress and muscle cramps, among other things. It also leads to mental clarity and provides both physical and mental energy.


Reiki influences the patient’s vibrational field. By laying on hands, the therapist sends energy flow to the patient so that the self-healing process can be initiated. Moreover, you will be brought into contact with the divine dimension. You relax and energy blockages are cleared. Reiki is also performed remotely. This means that you provide your name, age and address and sit or lie down comfortably for fifteen minutes at an agreed time. The therapist then transfers the Reiki to the patient through meditation.

Do In

Do-In consists of energetic exercises based on self-massage. It is a method that you apply to yourself through stretching exercises, tapping techniques and rubbing massage. It mainly works preventively, to replenish energy deficiency, restore the ki balance and remove blockages.
Example exercise: self-massage of the skull to become calm and clear.
You place your thumbs above your ears and move upwards. With the tips of your index fingers, apply light pressure in 10 places.

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