Energy according to traditional Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, all organs are related to each other. Correspondences (connections) are assumed between the organs, human emotions, the climate, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine consists of 5 basic parts: acupuncture, nutrition, Tui Na massage, medicines and energy exercises (Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong). The life energy, called qi, consists of 2 energies.

Yin and Yang

According to Chinese thought, Yin and Yang form the basis of all life. They are two forces that are opposite, but also complement each other.













Everything we observe can be named with these 2 concepts, but nothing is pure Yin or Yang. A good balance between these forces is also important for good health.


From birth we carry a primal energy within us. In addition, Qi enters our body through breathing (heavenly energy) and food (earthly energy). To function properly, all body cells must be supplied with life energy via the 12 meredians. One half of the meredians is Yin, the other half is Yang.


There are 365 acupoints or qi points in the body along the meredians. Acupuncture can remove energy blockages. Needle treatment can be supplemented by moxa, which is the burning of dried wormwood. There are also modernized, more Western variants of acupuncture, namely electropuncture and laser acupuncture. Electropuncture uses electric current via guide plates, while laser acupuncture works with light laser beams.

Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan (also written Tai-Chi) was originally a martial art and has been developed into an energetic exercise. A series of exercises consists of 24 to 48 movements. The movements are performed very slowly to properly feel the energy flow and any blockages. The emphasis is not on strength, which makes it very suitable for the elderly. The practice of Tai Ji Quan is a search for balance between Yin and Yang.

Qi Gong

This is also a form of energy training. The movements are shorter and more isolated compared to Tai Ji Quan. In addition, certain movements can also be performed sitting or lying down. For proper practice, regularity and perseverance are very important. As a practitioner of Qi Gong you learn to perceive your life energy and guide it along the meredians. The effects are very significant, but you do have to practice for several hours every day. You learn to let things go, you keep your body flexible, you learn to deal with emotional stress, you sleep better,

Tui Na massage

This form of massage is holistic, which means that both your body and your mind are cared for. It is aimed at improving the circulation of life energy. It can be used for muscle and joint pain, for energy blockages and to strengthen your immune system. You will be massaged with your clothes on, so comfortable clothing is recommended. In addition, it is best to wear cotton, because synthetic fibers can hinder the circulation of Qi.

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