Fade and remove scars

You can easily fade and remove scars. The more recent the scar, the easier it will disappear. Old scars can also fade and eventually disappear, although you must be patient for at least one year. We explain to you which creams, techniques and nutritional supplements you should use for this.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and is packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. By applying Aloe Vera to a scar, the skin will recover up to seven times faster. You should apply the Aloe Vera juice to the skin at least twice a day. It also mixes well with the oils and creams below.

Oil and cream against scars

You can choose just one of the following oils or creams or you can combine the different types. Massaging thoroughly at least twice a day is necessary.


Arnica cream is one of the best remedies to remove new scars and scars with wild flesh. Use the cream in combination with arnica gelules to speed up the healing process.

Emu oil (emu oil)

The essential fatty acids of emu or emu oil penetrate deep into the lower dermis to repair the skin from within.

Wild rose oil (Rosa Mosqueta)

Rose oil or Rosa Mosqueta is widely known for its fading effect on scars.

Vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E oil is one of the oldest remedies for fading and removing scars. Preferably choose the capsules with vitamin E oil and break them open before massaging them into the skin.

Massage and peeling against scars

Do these massages in the evening at a pace of two to three evenings of massage and one evening of rest. These massages should not be done on open wounds. After the massage, rub the scar with Aloe Vera and one of the above creams or oils.

Loofah glove

Massage the scar every night before going to bed with a loofah glove. This massage can be quite vigorous, because the skin should turn pink to red. Hold this for about five minutes.

Roller massage

After the massage with the loofah glove, you should perform a roller massage for a few minutes. The rolling movements stimulate collagen production and activate the skin’s restorative capacity.

Foods for scars

By following the nutritional program described in Fade stretch marks with nutrition, you ensure that scars fade from within.

Tricks against scars


By rubbing recent scars and wounds with onions, you prevent overproduction of collagen, which is the cause of scar tissue formation.


Applying toothpaste to a new scar in the evening and letting it sit overnight would make the wound less visible.

Lavender essential oil

A scar heals faster if you massage it with lavender essential oil. Never use the essential oil pure, but mix it with, for example, rose oil or emu oil.

Silicone patches

Silicone plasters have a positive effect on fading and removing scars.

Snail cream

Snail cream is particularly popular these days when it comes to fading scars thanks to its natural presence of allantoin, glycolic acid (hydroxyacetic acid), collagen, elastin, proteins and vitamins. Several brands currently market snail cream, including Ympact, Elicina, Celltone, Elina, Baba de Caracol, Ellezza, etc.

Vaseline and udder ointment

Both Vaseline and udder ointment have a positive effect on scars due to their moisturizing properties.

Nutritional supplements against scars

If you eat healthy, nutritional supplements are not a must to fade and remove scars. If you wish, you can take a multivitamin or chlorella.

Commercial creams for scars

  • Edula Ointment : One of the best creams to remove scars. Contains 8% marigold.
  • ScarFade : Uses silicone to fade the scar
  • Mederma : Contains, among other things, onion extract.
  • Svensson Anti-Scar Ointment : Contains more than 30% of Mosqueta rose essence.
  • Biodermal Scar Cream
  • Kruidvat Scar Ointment


Cosmetic treatments for scars

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are thorough peelings that peel off the top layer of the skin and stimulate the cell renewal process. Their effect on fading scars is known.

Chemical peels

There are different types of chemical peels. Most of these peels are quite aggressive and painful, but their effect is proven.


The mechanical application of the above-mentioned roller massage. Stimulates collagen production.

Method Debussy

The combination of a suction massage with infrared light activates skin renewal and therefore the fading of scars.


Velasmooth combines roller massage with infrared light and bipolar radio frequency. The new variation Velashape also adds depresso massage.
Detailed information about Endermology, Debussy Method and Velasmooth can be found in the Slimming special. You can learn more about microdermabrasion and chemical peels in the special Get Rid of Wrinkles.

How long does it take to fade and remove scars?

The more recent and new the scar, the easier it is to fade and remove. Calculate an average of between 6 months and 1 year to achieve a good result.

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