Pul-Cell – Treatment against cellulite and fat pads

The cause of cellulite and localized fat deposits varies from person to person (heredity, hormonal fat, circulatory disorders) and can even be different depending on the body part (even your cellulite on your left and right buttock may have a different cause). Pul-Cell is a way to treat any fat accumulation in a customized manner.

Who is the Pul-Cell method for?

Pul-Cell is for anyone with a relatively normal weight, but with localized fat deposits. This localized fat can be located in different places: buttocks, hips, thighs, double chin, upper arms, back, stomach area, abdomen, loins and arms. General obesity is not treated with Pul-Cell. The degree of cellulite is of no importance. Even hard and firm cellulite can be crushed with Pul-Cell.

Why aren’t diet and exercise enough to crush cellulite?

With exercise and diet you will primarily lose weight in places where microcirculation is best. This is one of the main reasons why fat stays in certain places, no matter how hard you try. Another reason is hereditary determination. Our body is set up in such a way that fat is stored more in certain places than elsewhere and that it will also disappear less easily. Pul-Cell will not only remove localized fat and cellulite, it will also improve microcirculation. If you gain weight again in the future, your weight gain will be generally distributed and no longer centralized in one or two specific places.

How does a Pul-Cell treatment work?

Before starting the first Pul-Cell treatment, the specialist examines the skin to determine where the cellulite is located and what causes it. She will then rub the skin with an oily emulsion. She then applies a layer of clay, a wet piece of paper towel and plates with electrodes. The electrical impulses from these electrodes penetrate deep into the fat cells. This causes them to separate from each other and all you have to do is crush them and remove them naturally.
The Pul-Cell treatment takes approximately one hour and is completely painless . At most you will feel a few small sensations when the electrodes are activated.

How many Pul-Cell treatments do you need?

Count on approximately twenty treatments per zone at a rate of two sessions per week.


A large number of fat cells are crushed and removed. This will help you lose weight locally and reduce cellulite. Because the skin now has better blood circulation and nourishment, it will also be firmer and tighter. This result remains visible for many years. If you thicken again, the new fats will install less easily in the old places.


  • Only have one area treated at a time. After all, your body must still be able to remove all released waste products.
  • Eat as healthy as possible.
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water per day.
  • Do not participate in additional sports if you are not used to this.
  • Do not do the Pul-Cell treatment during periods of heavy stress and fatigue.
  • Use Pul-Cell products during the treatment.



Pul-Cell costs 45 per turn or 400 for ten turns. In addition, there is the purchase of a special cream worth 100.

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