Risk lovers and real love

There are 6 types of risk relationships, which therefore do not have much chance of success. Mind you, sometimes there is a chance of success.

Your first love

Your first love is often very romantic and stays with you for the rest of your life. This often occurs at a young age when you are not yet really worldly wise. This first love has more to do with your parents than you might think. You come home with exactly the opposite of what your parents had in mind for you. You are taking your own path and making your own choices. Often exactly the opposite of what your parents would want. You may also come home with a boyfriend/girlfriend who looks exactly like your parents and this would be the ideal son-in-law/daughter. So it is often the case that you try to make your parents happy or show clearly that you make your own choices.
The chance of survival of such a relationship is 15%.

Elderly love

A relationship with someone who can be your father, so to speak, is a classic. In most cases it is an interesting challenge for him to turn a wallflower into a princess. It is of course also exciting to enter into a relationship with an older person, that attention is good for your self-confidence. These types of relationships often go wrong at the point that after a while you start looking for another father figure to affirm your self-esteem or he starts to realize that you are nothing more than a piece of art for him.
Survival rate is 10%. This can only end well if you truly love each other for what and who you are and not for what you get or who you become.

Obsessive love

These are the relationships where one of the two, sometimes both, absolutely cannot do without the other. You don’t find anything else in life important anymore. People convince themselves that they cannot live without him/her. They often get close to each other, don’t want to do anything alone and are often jealous.
Chance of survival 1%, such a relationship only has a chance of survival if the compulsive tendencies are kept under control and you give each other space. This isn’t easy.

Boss love

For example, a boss can be your teacher or your boss at work. This relationship is about the balance of power. When you start this kind of relationship again and again, people think that your father did not give you enough attention in your youth and you are trying to win a little love in this way. So you can prove to yourself that you are worth it. There are few powerful people who really care about you and often their interest fades within a few months.
Chance of survival 5%, in such a relationship you will have to ask yourself whether you really care about each other, otherwise it is better to look elsewhere.

Sacrificial love

It can just happen to you. You have been in a relationship for some time and suddenly the possible love of your life comes along. Very annoying. Whatever choice you make, someone has to be sacrificed. If you stay with your current boyfriend/girlfriend, it may always gnaw at you because you don’t know what could have been different. If you choose your new lover, you feel guilty, but that relationship is also immediately under pressure because he must of course be worth your sacrifice.
Chance of survival 25%, both cases are difficult and you can only rely on your heart.

Angelic love

It may also be that you mainly like losers. And that you are only giving, and in the meantime you are not getting anything in return. But if you are just giving, you have to ask yourself whether the proportions are correct. The fact that you like to pose as a savior angel to help your love recover again and again is probably because you feel that your mother did not take good enough care of your father and you want to do things much better. You often see that women are abused by their husbands and do not want to leave him.
Survival rate 25%, love is like a fruit machine, you are willing to throw a lot of coins into it, but if you never get anything back you will eventually stop doing it.

Which loves are good?

The key to love and a good relationship is equality in all areas; this means equality on an emotional level, intelligence level, status, age, interests and background. Other aspects that benefit a relationship are friendship, the willingness to do things for each other, appreciation and respect. For example, the feeling of friendship can ensure that an argument does not escalate and stress creeps into the relationship. What also helps is paying attention to each other and feeling involved in each other’s affairs. If all these aspects are in your relationship, you have a good chance of a long-term and pleasant relationship.

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