Why do women cheat?

Why do women cheat? Are they looking for excitement and sensation? Dissatisfied with the relationship they already have or is it purely about sex, romance or simply put, the attention.
Everyone thought that men commit adultery more than women. This was also the case, in recent years women have started to catch up considerably . This is because society is changing and more and more women have a life outside the home, and therefore have more opportunities to meet someone they can fall in love with. A woman often has different motives than a man for cheating.

In the workplace

40% of women and 60% of men have had an extramarital relationship by the age of forty. Often such an affair is not entered into with the aim of leaving their own partner or because they are dissatisfied with their relationship. It just happens. More than half of the relationship starts to blossom in the workplace and ends when one of the permanent relationships starts to be in danger. They often choose their own permanent partner.

Nightly texts

Women cherish the image of eternal romance and love more than men. often after the age of 35, women consider self-development more important than sexual fidelity. In younger generations (mainly between the ages of 20 and 30), women commit adultery just as much as men.
Women in their late 30s can suddenly get the ‘is this all feeling’. they actually have everything, children, work, relationships and running through the daily things that need to be done. No matter how deep the love is in their relationship, they can experience the security and trust in each other as boring. And then suddenly someone comes along who thinks you are the most beautiful, wonderful, sweetest and nicest. Who sends texts at night because he can’t sleep and is thinking about you. One of the most important feelings women give during an affair is the feeling of being alive again. Often they have really missed this feeling, and they try to do everything they can to make that feeling last.

Lies and guilt

Because an affair must be kept secret, you have to lie. And lying is often accompanied by guilt. Women suffer more from guilt than men. It often happens that such an affair ends due to guilt.
Men have less of this, they are mainly afraid that their secret will come out. The fact that women have more guilt than men is mainly because they are naturally more empathetic than men. Women also often share the secret of the affair with a friend, while men remain completely silent about the affair to everyone.
When a relationship ends because both partners were unfaithful, women often blame their own adultery. Men also blame the woman for her adultery. In this way the woman always gets the blame.

Sex for the sake of sex

  • Women translate sexual feelings into emotion and communication. Men express feelings of stress, anger in love in sex.
  • But essentially, sexual feelings are on the same spectrum.
  • The difference with women is that women cannot easily have sex without having an emotional connection with their lover and sexual tension alone is not enough.
  • Men can often have sex without lacking anything sexually or emotionally from their regular partner. When women feel that they are missing something from their own partner emotionally, they are much more likely to fall in love with someone else.
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