Lingerie through the years

Lingerie has already had to follow some changes in the female body. If it wasn’t the large breasts that were “in fashion”, then it was the flat bosom or even a bit boyish. Should a wasp waist be created or should everything be a bit rounder? Anyway, plenty of lingerie solutions that follow all those fashion fads … or perhaps lead the way every now and then.


Women have been using aids for centuries to achieve the ideal figure. Pain or not, the ideal figure must be achieved. Consider, for example, the iron construction around the body or breast padding. In the past, corsets were so tight that women had problems with digestion or breathing. Nowadays there are certain stretch materials that can replace the painful corset and breasts that are too small (according to fashion) get a push-up bra. Yet even today we still decide what the ideal is and eagerly go along with it.

1900, around the turn of the century

Around 1900 the S-line was the ideal. An unnaturally large bosom that seemed to consist of one piece, a slim waist and a hollow back. This has to do with the position of the pelvis, which is strongly tilted forward. Because no woman naturally looks like this, a corset with iron lines, namely Droit-devant, was designed for this.

After the First World War

This period is characterized by the type of woman who is much more independent (partly due to the First World War). A bit boyish and free-spirited. In addition to short hair, a slim silhouette was the ideal. The bra model was therefore adapted to a model that flattened every breast, large or small. The step was also introduced, the elastic hip belt corrected the somewhat overly voluptuous hips.

After the Second World War

This period is characterized by a large bust, a real wasp waist and the hips could all be just a little rounder. The wasp waist must again be created with a corset and the bra fills up slightly too small breasts (inflatable models). Examples from this period include Marylyn Monroe.


Who doesn’t know Twiggy? The skinny model with the small breasts and narrow hips. Childish and a bit boyish. The lingerie adapts again through sets of simple bras that are intended to make larger breasts appear smaller and panties that are slightly visible under the mini skirt. A new material, Lycra, is introduced and makes the ribs redundant.

Late 70’s early 80’s

The powerful and independent woman steps forward. This means that the normal female shapes with some extra muscle formation could be seen again. This ideal image is eagerly followed by many women, with the result that all kinds of aerobics are being introduced and the focus of lingerie can be placed more on beauty than on its supporting role. The beautiful lace and multi-colored sets hang in all the shop windows.

Late 80’s early 90’s

To the party in lingerie! Madonna as the ultimate example appears in a bustier on the screen and on the stage floor and lingerie is simply allowed to be seen. But also the breasts, because the emphasis of the female body is emphatically on this. There are now many more artists who follow Madonna’s path and appear in most creative sets. Sometimes over the top, but very conscious.

From 00 to present

Natural shapes are doing it again, a little more or a little less is all possible, it’s all about what suits the woman and the rest of her figure. But the difference is that if lingerie cannot create the ideal figure, we call in the plastic surgeon to help create the ideal figure.
Furthermore , lingerie should also be beautiful and a bit special, we are now familiar with the standard sets with or without lace. Marlies Dekkers is a good example with her bands.

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