Faster tanning / Faster tanning

How can you tan faster and how can you keep your tan for as long as possible, even in winter? There are various tips that you can apply to get a tan naturally and that will also ensure that you tan faster and that tan is retained longer. Read all about nutritional supplements, foods and other tricks here to always have a healthy tan.

Red palm oil

Palm oil contains no less than 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots. From now on, replace your butter or oil with red palm oil when cooking. You can use pure red palm oil (for example from the Amanprana brand), but you can also opt for a mixture of coconut, red palm and olive oil (also Amanprana). If you don’t like the taste of this red palm oil in your dishes, you can always take the oil aside with a spoon.
You can also apply red palm oil directly to the skin. Make sure you mix it with another oil first, otherwise you will literally be orange.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid (protein) that allows you to tan faster because it stimulates the production of melanin. You can take L-Tyrosine as a nutritional supplement (e.g. Biovea, Super Bruin, Supreme Nutrition, etc.). It is a real miracle product when it comes to tanning.


The effect of carrots for obtaining a tan is well known. Drinking as much carrot juice as possible is ideal, but make sure you nibble on at least one carrot a day. That is a habit that is quickly taken and that you can easily maintain.


Did you know that tomatoes also make you tan faster? So make sure that tomatoes are on the menu every day from now on and have tomato juice more often.


Copper has a supporting effect on color synthesis. It is found in large quantities in calf liver, beef liver, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, oatmeal, rye flour, wheat bran, whole wheat flour. So eat a bowl of oatmeal, some nuts and a whole wheat sandwich every day.


Make sure you exfoliate before going out in the sun. If you do not do this, the dead skin cells will prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating the skin. By the way, it is a myth that your tan disappears with a peeling. The brown is located under the dead skin cells.

To move

If you exercise, you tan faster. Take every opportunity you get to exercise outside. Jogging, swimming, playing tennis There is plenty of choice.

Slower stays longer

If you tan quickly, the tan will disappear much faster. Try to sunbathe a little bit every day instead of just a few days a lot.

Snow, water and sand

Sand, water and snow reflect sunlight, making you tan much faster. So you get tan faster on the beach or in the pool than on a terrace. For comparison: Snow reflects 85% of UV rays, sand 20% and water 5%.


By including red palm oil, carrots, tomatoes and oatmeal on the menu every day and combining this with L-Tyrosine capsules, you will automatically get a slightly bronzed complexion over time, even without the sun. A daily smoothie of carrot juice, tomato juice and a full tablespoon of palm kernel oil ensures that you look radiant, even in winter.

Best-known tanning pills / tanning capsules

  • Super Tan Tanning Pills : Capsules with L-Tyrosine and copper that ensure that you will tan faster.
  • Bronz Care : Brown pills with beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, bioflavonoids from citrus fruits, wine seed OPC, lycopene, zinc, selenium, and capsorubin and capsanthin from red pepper.
  • Easysun Sunscreen Tanning Capsules
  • Melanotan : Product in powder form that ensures that you get a lasting tan from within in no time. The current version of Melanotan has mainly gained fame because it is also said to have a positive effect on low libido. Also available in injectable form.
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