Beauty tips for men

It is typical that at that time the Egyptians were already busy with all kinds of beauty products for both men and women. Western men have only been more active with beauty products for themselves since the turn of the century and even then this does not apply to all men. Something that is almost self-evident for women. Yet the market is busy innovating all kinds of products. The masculine aspect is absolutely important here.

Men who love care

The so-called metro man became more active in this area in the late 1990s, but it is still disappointing how far the man has evolved in this area. There are all kinds of arguments why men don’t go much further than aftershave or a fragrance. Some men find it too feminine, others simply don’t think it’s necessary or they don’t have the time to go to the toilet normally during the morning hours.
Of course, there are also partners who encourage it and the market is also in full swing with men’s products and it is almost impossible to ignore it. Once the under-masculine image is gone, the problem will largely be solved, but until then…

Products for men

Men’s products are increasing and in some ways are even starting to resemble the lines available for women. Why not, why should only women take good care of themselves and use a product tailored to their skin? What’s there?

Source: Nuno Lopes, Pixabay

Hair dye for men has now become somewhat better known, which does not alter the fact that there are still many men who do not say that they dye their hair. The products are often aimed at getting rid of the first gray hairs. These products have been developed in such a way that they are quick and easy to apply. There are many colors and the color closest to the natural color is the best color (better a little too light than too dark!). Of course, the hairdresser in the salon also has all the options to dye the man’s hair. A simple and quick way to get rid of those first gray hairs.


If the gray hairs are removed, any gray eyebrows will only become more noticeable. So returning the eyebrows to their original color is also an option. Complete sets are available at drugstores, but the beautician or hairdresser can also dye the eyebrows. The home sets contain special combs that allow you to follow the shape of the eyebrow. The eyebrow hairs are often slightly stiffer, so follow the instructions carefully.


The facial skin can become irritated by, for example, shaving. Make sure that the skin is properly cleaned regularly. The cosmetic houses have separate lines for men, because the skin of men is essentially different from that of women (about 20% thicker). Apply in the morning when you get up and in the evening before going to sleep. A day cream to top it off helps in this process. For specifically irritated skin after shaving, there are products on the market that are soothing to the skin (for example Lancome Hydrix balm).
Periodically using a scrub specifically for men’s skin keeps the skin in optimal condition (e.g. Shiseido cleaning scrub). Apply it before cleansing the skin and when you can stay at home. Sometimes the skin may temporarily look a bit red.


Although men’s skin is less likely to show wrinkles than women’s skin, an anti-wrinkle cream is still a product that is desirable. It is becoming a product that is more naturally part of the cleaning products and day cream. Unfortunately, not all men’s lines yet have an anti-wrinkle cream.


There are also complete cosmetic lines and very targeted hair dye for men. However, if you start using these products, make sure you get proper advice from a professional. Men’s cosmetics are becoming the most normal thing in the world.

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