Dutch woman not satisfied with body

Women and being satisfied with one’s own body, it seems an unimaginable combination. However, this is not surprising, given the many commercials and model photos with images of perfect bodies. In my opinion, women’s body insecurity mainly stems from these so-called better product-showing bodies. Research agency Motivaction recently conducted a study on behalf of the Dutch magazine Grazia. This showed that Dutch women are not satisfied with their bodies.

Too thick

70% of the women interviewed in the study considered themselves too fat. That this is not entirely imaginary is evident from figures from the Dutch Nutrition Center, which states that 45% of women are overweight. But why are these women overweight?

Eat happily

You don’t have to be an emotional eater to make food happier. Your food contains various substances that are converted in the brain into happiness hormones, so-called serotonin and endorphins. To maintain a healthy body and mind, it is important that the chemistry in your brain remains balanced. Some nutrients that promote your feeling of happiness are glucose, carbohydrates, proteins and tryptophan.
I think there are quite a few people who eat their problems away, including body image issues. The big disadvantage, however, is that you get into a vicious circle of negative body image –> eating –> gaining weight –> even more negative body image. I think it can work to get people to think about why they are eating more than is good for them. I expect that there is often an emotional or psychological problem underlying this.

Sex in the dark

23% of women are insecure about their body and only want sex with the lights off. So that means that 23% of women consider their body not good enough! Where does this come from?

Naked runners

If you regularly watch television and occasionally zap something, you cannot ignore it: wildly teeming half-naked ladies with the perfect size, who get all the attention of beautiful men. A realistic image? Far from! If you think about how incredibly difficult it is to actually hang slavishly on your legs in the video clip of the local R&B hero, you can imagine that the road to crawling around in clips on TMF is even more complex and unattainable. Not just for you, but for say 99.99999% of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the image of the average woman’s body is quite distorted by those perfect bodies in the video clips. But just think this way: what they have in terms of pro in their body, you have in other areas!

Fashion guides and fashion magazines

When you leaf through the latest mail order catalogue, you probably get a shiver of uncertainty every now and then. If only you looked so sun-tanned, sun-kissed, beautiful long legs, no stretch marks or cellulites, lush hair, no trace of stray armpit hairs and a beautiful cleavage. Wake up! These women don’t have any of that either! Okay, they have their long legs and appearance, but the rest is all smeared and erased with the photo editing equipment!

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