Beauty: care for damaged nails

Well-groomed nails always look better than chipped, torn, frayed nails. However, scissors are not always the alternative for damaged nails. There are alternatives.


Try to find out where your easily damaged nails come from. In the water a lot? Lime deficiency? In any case, nails that tear or split easily have a cause. If you spend a lot of time in the water, then continuing to apply hand cream is always good, if only for the skin of your hands. But you can also protect nails that are in water a lot in another way. And if you have already tried it with food, you may need to look for another solution.

To protect

Protection can be done in different ways.


One of the well-known ones is the fake nail over your own nail. Your nail can then continue to grow protected. The artificial nail can be glued on (available at drugstores) and the resin and acrylic nail can be done at a nail studio or specialized beautician.
Of course, this solution does not solve the cracking nail that tears or breaks off. However, this solution does help your own nail to grow, you can get used to long(er) nails and the chance of bumping your nails is reduced. Long(er) nails are partly a matter of getting used to.


A solution that does address the problem is glue. On the one hand, the glue offers a solution for a nail that is starting to split or crack or a nail where the top layer has worn off. On the other hand, it can be applied preventively to the nails to protect the part of the nail that has grown beyond the phalanx.
What is it and how does it work? The set consists of 3 parts (available at well-known drugstores, namely, a bottle of glue, a bottle of neutralizing lotion and a file. File the damaged or protected part smooth, this can be done with a normal gloss file. Then carefully apply a drop of Apply the glue in the right place and immediately follow it with the neutralizing lotion (bottle with a brush, so you can apply it as if it were normal nail polish). Let it dry and file it smooth with the file. There is now a transparent and Apply a wafer-thin but very strong layer over the damaged or protected area. A clear or colored nail polish can simply be applied over it.

Which solution?

Everyone must decide for themselves what the best solution is in the specific case. You have to be a little handy for the glue solution, but it is relatively cheap and you continue to work with your own nails. If you want your nails ready-made immediately because you are clumsy or don’t feel like it, then the artificial nail is the best solution.
There is a solution for everyone and chipped or torn nails can be a thing of the past.

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