Getting married, when do you plan what?

When you decide to get married, you often immediately realize that it will be the most beautiful day of your life. It often seems so arranged, but there is a lot to consider when organizing one of the most important days of your life. To ensure you don’t forget anything, below is a schedule of dates when each item needs to be taken care of. This schedule assumes a wedding day on January 1.

February 3

another 11 months

Record your wedding date at the municipality where you want to get married

Women in particular often immediately have a date in mind on which they would like to get married. It would be a shame if you indicate this date to the municipality and then it turns out that the date is already fully booked. If you do not want a special date and simply want to get married on a random date, you can also have the date set a little later at the municipality. You will receive confirmation of the date from the municipality and a number of papers to be completed by you and your witnesses. This does not have to be handed in immediately. You have plenty of time to choose and ask your witnesses.

Feb. 10

another 11 months

Arrange a DJ, band or music for the party

If you have a specific person or band in mind to provide the music at the party, it is wise to ask them for the date in question. This way you prevent someone else from getting ahead of you, since a DJ or band can only accept 1 customer per evening. The DJ or band will probably ask you to contact us a few months before the date to discuss the genre of music, the location and time where he is expected, the costs and any special wishes on your part.

February 17

another 10.5 months

Arrange a photographer, select a location

A photographer generally has a busy life, as he deals with many different types of reports, etc. That is why it is wise to reserve the right photographer for your wedding day. The photographer sets this date with the desired number of hours that you want him there. He can give you many ideas about possible locations if you have no idea yet. The photographer likes to know where he stands. He can also immediately give you a price indication based on the desired number of photos and the number of hours. You can also arrange to contact the photographer later to provide a location. This can usually be done up to a few days in advance. This way you still have enough time to visit beautiful places and choose a location.

Mar. 15

another 9.5 months

Appoint master of ceremonies

The master of ceremonies can help you arrange various matters and discuss the daily schedule. It is important that he is aware of the progress of the day. On the day itself, the master of ceremonies ensures that everything goes as it should, that people are where they should be and all that sort of thing. This actually takes care of your worries about the organization on the day itself, so that you can enjoy your day without any worries. You can choose to hire a professional master of ceremonies. You can also ask someone you know to be the master of ceremonies.

29 March

another 9 months

Book a reception, dinner and party room

Consider in advance whether you want to hold the reception and the party at the same location. This is easier because of the transportation of all guests, but absolutely not mandatory. Also consider where you want to dine and how many people will be present. Because guests can always join and drop out, you do not have to provide precise numbers to the location(s). For now it is only important that the location is reserved for you. You can always give an indication of the number of guests, discuss your wishes and have a quote made based on this.

12 April

another 8.5 months

Draw up a preliminary guest list

It is useful to make a list of people you want to invite to your wedding. Just create a big picture at this point. Also put the people on the list that you are not yet sure whether you want to invite. A lot can happen before the wedding, so it is not certain that the guest list will remain as it is. People drop out and people join in, no doubt.

26 April

another 8 months

Draw up a script

Make a plan in advance of how the day should go. This is not yet the final script and you do not have to stick to it. You can always change the time and change locations. A script is useful for making notes and thus drawing up the final script. This way you can easily keep an eye on what you have already arranged and what you have not.

May 10th

another 7.5 months

Witnesses and proof of identity

You have now chosen and asked your witnesses. They will sign for your marriage. It is necessary to make a copy of their ID or passport. In any case, you will need this for the town hall later, but it is also useful to be able to check the validity date yourself. If the ID expired before your wedding, you can inform your witness that he/she must renew it. This way you won’t be faced with any surprises on the day itself. Without a valid ID, a witness is not allowed to sign for your wedding.

May 24

another 7 months

Arrange wedding transport

Consider how you want to be transported from location to location. What do you need for that? You can choose a carriage, a luxury car, a special car, a vintage car, your own car, a family car or even a bicycle. This is of course entirely your own choice. However, this must be arranged in time if you decide to hire a means of transport. Also consider hiring a driver if necessary. In most cases you are not supposed to drive the means of transport yourself.

14th of June

another 6.5 months

Selecting wedding clothes

Your wedding clothes are your calling card of the day. At a wedding, people always look at the way the bridal couple is dressed. Of course, the clothing must be completely to your taste, what you feel beautiful in, and not what your guests expect. It is wise, especially for the bride, to take into account (in some cases) that your weight can fluctuate. So don’t buy a dress or suit that is too tight around the body, so that you won’t fit into it later if things go wrong. You can always have the dress or suit adjusted to your figure up to a month before the wedding day.

June 28

another 6 months

Discussing honeymoon with each other

Discuss whether you want to honeymoon, just spend a night somewhere else or perhaps just go home. A trip abroad must be booked in time, especially if you have a specific hotel or room in mind. Make sure this is reserved in time, so that your honeymoon goes exactly where you want it. A honeymoon suite for one night must also be reserved in time.

July 4th

another 6 months

Written agreements

Make sure you go through all the agreements you have made with people and ask for an agreement. A written confirmation of your reservation. Maybe you can also give them some more information. With the agreements you can be sure that everything is properly arranged.

July 11

another 5.5 months

Hair, makeup

Make appointments in advance with the people who will do your hair and makeup. Especially in a hair salon and with a make-up artist/stylist, it is better to book in time and indicate that it is a wedding day. This way you can be sure that you will be helped on time. Make an appointment with the hairdresser first. Here they often use water when modeling your hair and of course it should not come into contact with make-up. That would be a waste.

July 23

another 5 months

Days off

Arrange your days off in advance with your employer. Employers generally want to know about holidays as early as possible. Determine how many days it will cost you for the wedding day and any honeymoon and confirm this with your employer.

August 6

another 4.5 months

Day guests

It is useful to inform the day guests in advance of their invitation for the day. Then they will also be in time to ask the employer for a day off.

August 19

another 4.5 months


Plan a date on which you want to get married and make an appointment for this at the civil registry of the municipality where you live. Even if you get married in another municipality! The banns must be registered in the municipality where you live. They will forward your details to the town hall where you get married.

September 10

another 3.5 months

Opening song dance

Decide together which opening song you want to dance. After choosing the song, you can also determine the dance. If it turns out to be necessary to take a (refresher) dance course, you will still be in time.

September 30th

another 3 months


This is really the last minute to book your honeymoon if you haven’t already done so. Also make sure that the trip has been confirmed by the travel agency. You do not want it to be announced on your wedding day that the trip cannot go ahead for whatever reason.

October 20

another 2.5 months

Distribute guest list

Draw up your final guest list and divide it among the different groups you want to keep. For example, the group for the town hall, the reception, the dinner and the evening party. Possibly also for the photo report.

the 24th of October

another 2.5 months

Wedding cards

Order the wedding invitations per group on your guest list. Each group probably has a different text, different times and different location on the map. Decide what you want on the card and give the printer/publisher a delivery date.

October 28

another 2 months


Make an appointment with the organization of the locations of the dinner and evening party. Discuss the proceedings and determine the menu for dinner. Discuss with the caterer of the evening party which snacks you would like served.

November 1st

another 2 months

Wedding cake

Make an appointment with a pastry chef for the wedding cake. Based on your guest list, he can determine how big the cake should be. Together you can choose a cake that is large enough for all the guests. Usually a pastry chef can make the cake completely to your taste.

November 20th

another 1.5 months

Send invitations

Send out the invitations today, or at least this week. Then guests who did not already know can also keep the date free. It may be useful for some people to include directions. But of course this is completely up to you.

November 26

another month!

Wedding rings

Go out together to choose and buy the wedding rings. Also consider whether you want to have the rings engraved and what should be included.

November 30

another month!

Order thank you gifts

Order the favors for the guests and a special gift for the witnesses. This is not mandatory, but is often done. Many bridal couples buy a nice black pen for the witnesses. They can use this to sign before the wedding and the pen is a nice keepsake. The thank you gifts for the guests can be given on the evening itself, but this can also be a card afterwards. In that case, the tickets must be ordered.

December 7

less than a month left!

Order flowers

This includes the bridal bouquet, the flowers/flowers/ribbons for the support cars, possibly a bouquet on your own transport and the corsages. Don’t wait much longer than today to visit the chosen florist. It takes the florist a lot of time to arrange and order everything for you.

December 9

less than a month left!

Follow procession

Determine together with the master of ceremonies how the order of the procession should proceed. The master of ceremonies ensures that this happens on the day itself. Now that you are with the master of ceremonies, you can also determine the places for dinner. Arrangement of the tables and who is with whom. The master of ceremonies ensures that this goes well on the wedding day.

December 13th

3 more weeks

Handing over rings and bridesmaids

Think about who you want to receive the rings from and ask this person/persons. Also ask for bridesmaids if necessary. Then they still have enough time to purchase suitable clothing. In some cases, the bride and the bridesmaids go shopping for clothes that match the wedding dress/suit. Discuss who will pay for the clothing before you buy it. Sometimes the bride pays, sometimes the bridesmaids (or their parents) themselves.

December 18

another 2 weeks

The script

Draw up the final script and ensure that the master of ceremonies also receives a copy. If you go through the script together, you can discuss everything again and any errors will be noticed. What one person doesn’t see, another sees. By having the script at hand, the master of ceremonies also knows what to pay attention to, what is coming next and what he needs to ensure goes well.

the 20th of December

another 2 weeks

Reception book

Buy the reception book for the reception and in the party room. Also buy pens to go with the book, so that you don’t have to borrow pens at the last minute. The master of ceremonies ensures that the reception book is taken from the reception to the party room and ultimately returns to you (after the honeymoon or at the end of the evening).

23 December

another 1.5 weeks

Civil status

Make an appointment with the registrar who will marry you to discuss the ceremony. Decide which things you want to be said, which things you don’t want to be said and possibly give some nice memories or facts that could be mentioned. For example, think of your first date or the way you met, bloopers during dates, etc.

December 24

another 1.5 weeks

Day program

Read the script carefully again and take in the daily program thoroughly. Is everything coming together as planned?

December 24

another 1.5 weeks

Final number of guests

Pass the final number of guests on to the catering staff for the reception, dinner and banquet hall. The guests who cannot or do not want to come have now canceled. By communicating the exact number of guests, the total costs can also be drawn up and everyone knows where they stand and what needs to be arranged.

December 27

another week

Discuss master of ceremonies program

Discuss the program one last time with the master of ceremonies and make sure he knows what extra attention needs to be paid. The master of ceremonies is there to take all your worries off your hands on this day. Of course, everything has to run smoothly and it is very annoying when a master of ceremonies is faced with surprises.

December 28

another week

Check reservations and appointments

Double-check all reservations and appointments for the day. The time has almost come and you can no longer afford to cancel an appointment.

December 31

One more day!


Give the wedding rings to the person who will hand them over to you on the day itself. Encourage this person to take the rings with them and, above all, not to lose them or leave them at home. Advise him/her to put the rings on that day’s clothing or to put them in the bag that comes with you.

January 1st

Hooray the time has come!


Make sure you don’t oversleep and enjoy it to the fullest. This is your day and everything is perfectly arranged. Don’t worry and just feel the nerves of all the attention and that all-important YES word.

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